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“It’s going to be hard for us not to have scored more goals for Qatar”

“It’s going to be hard for us not to have scored more goals for Qatar”

“It’s going to be hard for us not to have scored more goals for Qatar”

—What reading did the victory of Ecuador against Qatar leave you?

What was seen of the match, an Ecuador clearly superior to a Qatari team, which in the first half did not even kick on goal. It is a team that is in the World Cup for being the host, but all the Ecuadorian people were confident that they were going to have a victory, because Ecuador is superior for all the Qualifying that they did, since they faced more difficult teams, however, that It’s not the biggest piece of evidence we have. It is facing the Netherlands, in that duel it will be important not to lose and leave behind what was Qatar. Ecuador should not get bigger because of a game that was very easy, rather, personally, I am a little sad because we had to increase two more goals to be calmer, because the goal difference is going to be important in this group.

—What do you think of the Netherlands? Are they the most powerful of the group, as their story dictates?

It is the most important proof we have. If God wants a tie it would be fabulous, but if we lose it is by one or two goals. That is why it was important to have scored two more goals for Qatar, from what was seen in the match, Ecuador was superior and the rival did not attack you, they had no position on the ball, and we had to be more sharp and have scored a few more goals.

—And of Senegal, a more physical rival, what do you think?

Senegal is not going to be like Qatar was, it is going to be a physical team and more poignant than Qatar itself, but for Ecuador to show the level it can give in the World Cup, it will have to show it against the Netherlands. Senegal will be a difficult rival, beyond the fact that Mané is not in the World Cup.

—How do you experience the World Cup in Ecuador?

In Ecuador, the World Cup is lived as if it were at home, all the Ecuadorian people are happy, they went out into the street and gathered to watch the game. Obviously, getting a win was very nice. We have to enjoy that moment we had because Friday is going to be very tense. I wish we had a win or a draw that would bring us closer to the round of 16. So we are happy and I have spoken with all my ex-teammates, who are very calm and the group is calm, because they are aware that it was a victory against a normal rival and what is lived off the field is happiness, but what they are summoned in Qatar they know that nothing has been achieved.

—With two World Cups played, which game brings back memories in this type of competition?

Obviously, in 2014 with France, where we tied and from what I just told you, the goals difference left us out and we didn’t qualify for the round of 16 on goals difference, because in that case, Switzerland qualified after scoring more goals for Honduras than us and they came to classify. That’s why, I tell you, it’s going to be hard for us not to have scored more goals for Qatar. In the end, we tied with France and due to goal difference we were left out.

—The good start in the Enner Valencia World Cup, does it give you peace of mind?

Obviously, Enner is a friend, now he is a historic scorer at this time for the Ecuadorian team in the World Cups. He was very questioned and those goals give him confidence, because it is the goal card that we have and I know that he will continue scoring goals and will give us that qualification to the round of 16 that will be very important for the whole country .

—Finally, congratulations, Jaime, for the Copa Sudamericana title with Independiente del Valle

Thank you very much, really, we are very happy to have won the South American Cup, we also won the local tournament that was the Ecuadorian Cup. Independiente del Valle is an institution that is growing a lot and is growing strongly internationally. Having achieved the Copa Sudamericana has to be reflected in the World Cup. I have great memories of Peru, since I had Peruvian teammates, it’s a shame they couldn’t go to the World Cup, but I know they have a great team and they’ll be back soon.

Source: Elcomercio

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