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Agricultural Fair: Which Industries to Choose to Become a Farmer?

Farming has long been passed down from parents to children. To date, installations outside the family are the most frequent (85% of cases). Although it is not necessary to have a diploma to establish, it is recommended to take a course in agriculture, not only to acquire the basics and skills, but also to receive some financial assistance for the establishment, knowing that the higher the level of education, the greater the help.

Agriculture education is available in many diplomas, from CAP to bac + 5, offered in public or private institutions (agricultural secondary schools, family and rural centers, Department of Agriculture schools, etc.). Some general diplomas are more specifically for farm management: Agricultural CAP, Professional Bachelor in Farm Management and Management (CGEA), BP in charge of agricultural business (professional certificate, bachelor’s level), or BTS Agricultural Analysis, Agricultural Business Management and Strategy ( ACSE). The Bachelor of Technology offers more general training that in principle leads to a higher education (bachelor’s degree, BTS, engineering school, etc.).

Training in the framework of professional retraining

The profession of a farmer is also available as part of professional retraining through the Centers for Vocational Training and Agricultural Development (CTS). For persons who have already completed previous studies, there are equivalence systems that allow not to retake the general subjects of the diploma.

Various types of training can be provided as part of continuing education: Diploma courses such as BPREA (Professional Farm Manager Certificate) and Diploma in Agricultural Engineering (TA) can be obtained at the CFPPA or in the family home and in the countryside. Finally, all over France, chambers of agriculture offer training modules for people with a project to start or take over a farm.

For more information, visit the website of the Ministry of Agriculture

Source: Le Parisien

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