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Car: Delage brand revived with a car worth two million euros

“She is demonic,” comments Xavier Bertin, head of CPSA 28 in Fontenay-sur-Eure (Eure-et-Loire), in his office. Delage, a French brand that disappeared in 1953, was refounded in 2019 by Laurent Tapie, son of former businessman, ex-minister and OM President Bernard Tapie. With the D12 only produced in thirty pieces, the brand intends to return to its former glory.

“I have been the first Delage dealer since 1953,” sums up Xavier Bertin, salesman for luxury and exceptional cars. In his 400m2 showroom, which housed the hypercar for two weeks at the start of the month, he still can’t believe it. “Currently I am the only official distributor in France. CPSA 28 will take care of marketing the car in the northern part of the country, while Marcassus Sport will soon take over responsibility for the southern half.

From left to right: Xavier Bertin, head of CPSA 28, in Fontenay-sur-Eure (Eure-et-Loire), Benoît Beaugur, engineer, Patrick Delage, great-grandson of Louis Delage, honorary president de Delage, and Laurent Tapie. , founder and president of Delage-Automobile./DR

The adjective “demonic” used by a professional is not usurped to refer to a device. This is a real two-seater Formula 1 road car, in tandem with two central seats located one behind the other. V12 naturally aspirated engine, displacement 7600 cc, 990 horsepower combined with 110 horsepower electric motor, weight 1.3 tons, top speed 360 km/h, acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.5 seconds… “The design is futuristic. , design and bodywork are unique and the equipment is innovative,” explains Xavier Bertin. The rims are made from forged carbon and “there is a built-in carbon-ceramic brake cooling system”…

Pilot advice from Jacques Villeneuve

This unusual car, which sold for two million euros before taxes, will be sold in three versions: Speedster, with a bubble in front, F1, with a cover over the dashboard and Cut. “When I’ve sold ten, I’m not telling you I won’t buy one,” he jokes. Selling, don’t worry. I don’t think we even have enough. »

“There is a real story behind this brand,” the enthusiast comments, “and the fact that I am a part of this story makes me very happy. This is a real challenge. I was surprised when they contacted me. I didn’t expect this. Xavier Bertin probably did not expect a potential buyer to be interested in this mobile work of art. But shh, we won’t know more.

However, we know that the Delage Driving Experience option allows you to meet the famous driver Jacques Villeneuve. The Formula 1 Grand Prix commentator will provide valuable driving advice. “Lucky buyers will be able to spend half a day with it at an FIA-approved circuit in France of the owner’s choice. »

Source: Le Parisien

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