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European stocks fall after bad data from China and before US inflation

The large European stock markets fell this Tuesday before knowing the evolution of inflation in April in the US, the key data of the week for investors, and after some bad monthly import data from China.

Paris has fallen 0.59%, Madrid, 0.31%; London, 0.18%; Milan, 0.16%; the Euro Stoxx 50 index, 0.59%; and Frankfurt already raised a meager 0.02%.

Except for a few minutes at the start of trading, the European stocks have traded negatively throughout the session, although they have reduced the falls in the final stretch -Frankfurt has gone up- supported by Wall Street, which at the close in Europe was trading practically flat and shortly before it has come to enter profits.

The market awaits to know the evolution of inflation in the US in April, a determining factor for future decisions of the Federal Reserve (Fed) on interest rates, which have gone from 0 to 5% in just over a year and are causing problems for some medium-sized banks in the country and turbulence in the price of the entire sector.

The euro left 0.4% at the close of the stock markets in Europe and lost the support of US$ 1.10 (US$ 1,095) and Brent oil fell after the strong rise the day before and is bought from the US $75.86 a barrel.

Meanwhile, gold remains high and is trading at US$ 2,025 an ounce, 0.23% more.

The yield on the debt of the eurozone countries has added about 3 basis points for the second consecutive day and the ten-year German bond has ended with an interest rate of 2.345%.

Source: Elcomercio

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