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“This Tuesday, the farmers did not throw a ring at the Prime Minister”: between Macron and Attal, each has its own Salon

“Sorry about the crowd, I hope it doesn’t disturb the animals too much”; “Sorry, we’re shaking things up.” How unusual, almost impudent, this (repeated until the evening) politeness of Gabriel Attal towards the participants and visitors of the Agricultural Exhibition seems. The inconvenience caused by the resulting pack is so small compared to the absolute chaos caused by the visit of Emmanuel Macron on Saturday 24 February. No general measure. The contrast is stark.

Once the Prime Minister arrives, during milking, he is questioned by the breeder. Evil, mutual accusations, demands remain and remind him throughout his journey. But there is no more this rage, this extreme tension. “It’s always important to talk to each other,” judges Attal, armed with a “lapel microphone” to avoid the sonic boom of the “media circus” he denounced on Sunday.

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Source: Le Parisien

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