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“Through my window”: Clara and Julio talk about their relationship, fame and the challenges of the film | VIDEO

Clara Galle and Julio Peña await the start of the interview holding hands. A year ago they did not know each other, but since they started filming “through my windowThey have become great friends. And not only to be able to transfer their good chemistry to that of their characters, but also to overcome together the challenges that their new status as the ‘fashionable boys’ brings.

Since the cast of the film adaptation of the story of Venezuelan Ariana Godoy was announced in April, he, 21, and she, 19, have seen their number of followers skyrocket on social networks and, with the close of the premiere of the film, the changes that popularity brings have been felt more and more strongly. Is fame scary? This and other questions were answered in a brief talk by Zoom that you can see in the video that accompanies this note:

– Let’s imagine that we are on the first day of shooting, in the first scene of Ares and Raquel, what scene are we shooting and what is the atmosphere like? What memories do they have?

July: The first scene we shot together was the one in the library, which is a scene where Ares is going to apologize to Raquel. That’s one of my favorite scenes and I have it super back because it was the first scene of us.

Clear: It is the moment in which Raquel begins to say four things to Ares’s face. When we record, she is alone in the library, she makes her way through all the shelves and he follows her, while she throws books at him and tells him that he should not have dedicated the goal he dedicated to her in the soccer game. It was fun. That day I also remember that we had another sequence of a discussion and we were both a little nervous, I remember that before they said ‘action’, I asked for two minutes, Julio and I sat on the floor, between the bookshelves of the library , to give us encouragement. ‘Come on, Julio, we can. You are Ares and I am Raquel’, I told him, concentrating for the first time. It was beautiful that first day together.

– In a story, especially if it’s a love movie, the chemistry between the protagonists is very important. Watching the movie and watching you guys, a good relationship is felt. How did they work on it? Did they know each other before?

July: We didn’t know each other before, but from the beginning Clara and I fit in very well, we are very similar people, with a great passion for what we do. From the first moment there was a very good predisposition to do a good job, to do everything possible so that this work came out in the best way. And finally, here we are.

– “Through my window” is a story that comes from Wattpad, a platform that allows you to interact live on a story. If we read the movie script with you on Wattpad, what would have been your favorite line and the scene that surprised you the most?

Clear: It’s funny because the first time I read the script, I was taking pictures in my head with the parts where I was shocked and I was sending them to my mother and my friends like: ‘You don’t know what I just read!’. Like a real fan. But if I had to choose a specific scene, oh my, there are a lot of scenes!

"Through My Window" is based on a novel by Ariana Godoy created on Wattpad.  (Photo: Netflix)

July: A phrase that I love, that I liked from the first moment, that I really wanted to act and that I really liked how it turned out in the film, is the scene in which Ares says to Raquel: ‘What a potion you’ve made for me! given, witch!, which is also followed by ‘I love you’. That scene is beautiful.

Clear: I like a phrase that is not from my character, it is from Tere, Raquel’s mother. There is a conversation between mother and daughter and she explains to him everything that she lived with her father, that he was a coward, and tells him: ‘Don’t be one too. If you like Ares, tell him.’ Also, Pilar Castro, who is wonderful, says it so emphatically that she stays there.

– In the film there is a lot of romance but also a lot of eroticism, and now to record this type of scenes there is a very important change for the actors and actresses on the sets and that is the presence of intimacy coordinators, how did it help you to have someone like that in “Through my window” to shoot those scenes?

July: The figure of the ‘coach’ of intimate scenes, in this case Miriam, is a figure that we think is very necessary today for all productions, so that there is special care and respect in those scenes that can be scary at first. , serves to take away that importance, to think that it is a nude, that sex and see it as one more scene and work on it from the most professional side possible.

Clara Galle and Julio Peña star in "Through my window".  (Photo: Netflix)

Clear: Even take advantage of it, because months after filming the film, I have realized that in my personal life I have taken many things that I learned in those classes, to love myself, to respect myself, to be more secure in my life.

– This movie is going to be very big, are you afraid of fame?

Clear: The good thing is that it has been somewhat progressive. They first broke the news in April, then they have released a teaser and a trailer… it has been progressive. I have never been afraid, but sometimes the two of us have been overwhelmed by so many things and we didn’t know who to talk to, but we have supported each other a lot. I don’t know if it happens to Julio, but these last few days, I feel like I’m seeing how big things really are, that they’re beginning to be material. I do have a little fear, because I am a very free, independent person and I have my place in my bubble and in my world, and although I am very grateful to everything, to the fans and such, I do not want to lose my life. . I have that very clear, I am going to keep my life and my things, but always thanking all the love.

July: Obviously, it is something of a magnitude that we cannot imagine and that is beyond us, but I think that we go with a positive mind, in the sense that we are going to maintain what makes us happy and what we are in essence, we are going to fight for always keep that.

"Through My Window" opens on February 4.  (Photo: Netflix)


The leading duo of “Through my window” also sent this message to their fans in Peru:




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