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Diosdado Gaitán Castro releases “A todo ande” and “Tell me the truth”, his two new albums

Diosdado Gaitan Castro He has just launched two new record productions, which are now available on all digital platforms to the delight of his followers, thanks to the monetary support granted by the Ministry of Culture of Peru.

And it is that, as is known, since the health pandemic was declared two years ago, artists have been severely hit by restrictions on their work, so there was a need for The authorities will create a fund to be able to reactivate the artists in our midst.

One of the beneficiaries has been the interpreter of “Amor, amor”, who having a number of loose songs, recorded over time but not published, achieved through this financial incentive group them into two magnificent albums called: “A todo ande” and “Tell me the truth”.

“The first includes sounds of guitars, charangos, telluric winds as well as quenas and panpipes, among other instruments and sounds. And the second production combines the beautiful sound of the Norte Chico harps and the Sureño keyboard, turning this into a very particular album and a very interesting proposal”warns Diosdado, very happy for this achievement that he can now share with his followers.

These two collection albums bring together 24 compositions and among the songs that we can find are: “Many sorrows”, “I am the one who cries”, “Tell me the truth”, “You are going very far”, “Pretty girl”, “Bad face”, “You are going to cry”, “I need you”, “La casita”, “Friends come” and “The words”.

Also included are “Adventurous love”, “Never, ever”, “I learned with you”, “Morena”, “Under the shadow”, “As you have done”, “Pretty doll”, “My love is back” and “A dove on a branch.” “I hope you can enjoy these new materials, it includes largely compositions of my own, to the delight of all”he added,

“A todo ande” and “Tell me the truth”, the two albums, will be available on digital platforms such as: Spotify, AppleMusic, Dezzer, Tidal, YouTube and ClaroMúsica. On the other hand, The artist is currently in the United States, where he has been on a musical tour since last weekend.

Source: Elcomercio

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