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Jaze: Does the freestyler leave Peru to live in Argentina? What comes after succeeding at the God Level? | INTERVIEW

Jaze won along with Papo MC as the best couple of improvisers on the second date of the God Level All Stars in Chile, but this new triumph in his career is not the limit for the Peruvian rapper and he prepares new challenges in his career, despite not being part of the International FMS 2022, competition to be held in May.

In conversation with this medium, the national freestyler announced that he plans to travel to Argentina to study production. Also, Jaze spoke for the first time about his biggest inspiration: his mother.

What has succeeding at God Level All Stars meant to your career?

It has made me very happy because we have won by rapping as we wanted. Doing freestyle and improvising in our own way and it’s always nice to be able to win some prize, although for me it was never the most important thing and much less now, but it’s still nice and especially for the people who follow me from the heart.

Your match for God Level All Stars was Zasko Master. Why the change?

There was an issue of coordination with him and in the end it was not possible due to an organizational issue, but it is still pending. All good with him.

How was it jamming with Papo MC, Zasko Master’s replacement?

We did a lot of freestyle with Papo. It was incredible to improvise with him, but more than just competing, being able to share in the preview, backstage and improvise was what I enjoyed the most on this trip (in Chile). I think that the coolest thing was to feel freestyle with a friend like him, to have to compete.

The first day of the International FMS 2022 in Spain is no longer missing. What expectations do you have?

I found out that I am not going to participate because they are only the first 4 from Peru and I thought they were the 5, but well. More or less I imagine who will be and it will be incredible. I know Jota, Nekroos, Stick and Vijay Kesh (from Peru) are going. With them we are more than represented and I know they are going to break it.

Who do you admire from the FMS International 2022 competition?

The truth is, I really like what Jota, Nekroos, Stick and Papo do. I’m not quite sure who is going (representatives from another country), but I think all freestylers have something special. I go more for what Jota, Nekroos and Papo do.

Is it true that you intend to live in Argentina?

Yes, in fact, work is already underway to be able to make the move and everything. This would be next year and calmly because it is not yet 100% defined, but it is 90%.

We see that you are the image of prestigious brands such as Puma. Are you aware of the burden behind it?

I am grateful to have people who support me. In fact, I have been working with Puma for a long time and when I was just starting out, they trusted me. Until now we are a team and in fact I am very grateful to them and to all the brands that support me. I am aware that the word “image” implies many things.

Do you consider that you are an example for other young people?

I imagine that I am an example for many young people and not just me, but most of the artists who get ahead and who trust in the freestyler project. I think the idea is to be oneself, although there may be many things of mine out there that are not necessarily an example, but I try to maintain my essence and that is something that I try to promote in others. The best thing is always to be yourself and do things for yourself, what makes you happy and fills your soul.

In the field of music in general. What is your artistic goal?

In fact, I had the dream of being able to play and release an album, that has already been achieved. The idea is to be able to establish myself and grow my audience, where I can make the music that I want, but above all, be calm, be happy and be real with the message I want to convey. I feel like I’m enjoying the process. Ultimately, this will be a long road.

At the gates of receiving Mother’s Day and after the release of your song “Don’t lie to mom.” How much did your mom support you in your career?

Without a doubt, my mom has been the most important person for my personal growth. She always supported me in everything I did and that has been fundamental for me because I always felt her support in the hardest moments. My mom always trusted me and she always told me to trust me because she had the talent and ability to do what I set out to do, but as long as she had to do with art because she left a lot to be desired for the rest. . I always received her support from her and from my dad.

Do you plan to study a parallel career?

I was studying Music at the Catholic University and due to time problems and the number of trips I had, I couldn’t continue. I studied Music Performance and from there I changed to Composition, but I didn’t love how the course itself was taught. Not because they taught badly, but because I have other interests than what I’m looking for in teaching and I think composition is complicated to teach, it’s like teaching freestyle. One thing in teaching the technique, but I think in the end it’s about freedom and it’s something very personal.

And what would you like to finally learn?

I would like to learn to produce. I produce my music, but I always need the help of a producer to record the mix and there are many things that are important that I don’t know, and they are essential for a good production. So I want to strengthen that so that my music comes out just the way I want it to. My plan is to study in Argentina.

How do you see yourself at 30 years old?

I hope you are happy and next to the people who have always been with me. Focused on my things or that way I get married and start a new family. Those questions are always complicated for me, but right now, I see myself like this at 30.

Source: Elcomercio

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