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Two people die after being hit by a subway car in New York

Two people died this Friday run over by a moving subway car, inside a tunnel in the city of New Yorkaccording to the New York police.

The two people, a man and a woman, apparently two homeless people, were for no apparent reason inside the train track and were hit by the convoy in the middle of the morning on line 1, at the height of the Washington Heights neighborhood.

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Details about the victims and whether they were related to each other are unknown.

Although walking on the train tracks is strictly prohibited, the MTA (the body that manages the subway) recorded 1,267 intrusion last year, with two hundred injured when hit by cars and 68 dead, according to the New York Times.

Some of the people who venture onto the tracks do so to pick up an object that they have dropped, but the majority are homeless people (many with mental illnesses) who practically live in the underworld of the subway, sleep in the stations and they spend the day begging for the carriages or sleeping on the moving trains.

But there are other profiles, such as the two young French men found dead last week who were apparently painting some “graffiti” in a station known for the world of urban art in the neighborhood of Brooklyn.

the meter of New Yorkone of the densest in the world, is used by two million people a day from Monday to Friday (half on weekends), which translates into 649 million a year, according to figures from the MTA.

Criticized for its insecurity, the MTA is studying the possibility of installing glass partitions at least in the busiest stations (those in the center of the city) to avoid the invasion of the tracks or the jostling that is sometimes recorded.

Source: Elcomercio

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