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“Madres el musical” returns with a new season in a new theater

The work “Mothers the musical” presents a renewed season at the NOS theater of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. This time, the staging includes a new actress in the cast and will allow elderly mothers to be hostesses in all performances.

The cast of the play is made up of Erika Villalobos, Rossana Fernández Maldonado, Alexandra Graña and Cecilia Brozovich, who joins the season to replace actress Gianella Neyra.

“Madres el musica” tells the story of Sandra, Dani, Pau and Bea, four friends who go through the hard stages of motherhood with a hilarious and moving story. The work has the general direction of Giovanni Ciccia and the vocal direction and general production of Denisse Dibós.

“This is a tribute to mothers, not only to biological ones, but to those who raise, protect, embrace, defend and support”, Denisse Dibós stated in a statement.

The work has 20 original songs, an orchestra of live musicians under the direction of César Vega. In addition, 4 young actresses, from the quarries of the Preludio workshops, will be the backup singers of the band.

The season of “Madres el musical” runs from October 7 to October 30, tickets are available through Teleticket.

Regarding the call for “Looking for mothers for mothers”, Preludio Asociación Cultural bets on the idea of ​​hiring two mothers who need to work to assist as ushers in the performances of the play, giving elderly women the opportunity to participate in the event.

Source: Elcomercio

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