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The moments of humiliation experienced by the young man murdered in the TransMilenio in Bogotá

Estefanía Ceballos, the mother of the young Juan Esteban Alzate, murdered on Saturday October 8 in TransMilenium from Bogotá, Colombia, gave details of the rough moment in which her son was attacked and his life was taken. “I speak because I want justice to be done. My son was a judicious young man who only dedicated himself to studying and who had no problems with anyone.

Said the killer offensively and humiliatingly asked him to kneel down and to apologize for stepping on it. “That was terrible. When was this aggressiveness in the system here? He added that in order to carry out the funeral services and make the final farewell to his son, he had to receive help.

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She also said that when Juan Esteban was attacked, she died in front of her boyfriend and a friend. “I don’t know if this had anything to do with it. But the fact that my son was homosexual did not have to be attacked in such a violent way. From the age of eight he had defined his sexual orientation.

He recalled that it all started at the Ricaurte station. “My Juan Esteban apologized but when he realized that they were asking him to throw himself on the floor, he refused. Yes, he confronted him and that’s when the killer took out a knife and, without thinking, stabbed him in the chest.”

The young man’s mother says he will never forget the moment when his son’s partner called him, crying, to tell him that his son had been killed. “His voice, I will never forget it. My world fell apart. Then they told me that she was in surgery at Santa Clara but they couldn’t do anything. My son died.”

Today this young man is mourned by his five brothers. “It is a lie when they say that our relationship was bad. He decided to go live with his partner and that is respectable. I was always dad and mom to him. I always understood him and helped him. He visited me a lot. He would come to lunch or ask me for onces”. In fact, the young man was validating third and fourth grade in the night shift of the Fernando Mazuera school.

This terrible dream ended the life of a young man who dreamed of being a model and living in the United States. She wanted to work and send money to her family to help her. “They took my son from me, what a mother can love most, and for a step. How sad”.

the last farewell

This Wednesday family and friends will give the last farewell to Juan Esteban Alzate, whose body will be veiled in a funeral home located in the South of Bogotá. His mother and his brothers are already in this place, as well as all the people who loved him.

It was also learned that the mayor in charge Edna Bonilla Sebá will hold a new meeting with the Police and with the district authorities to find out how the investigation of the case is going.

Source: Elcomercio

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