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Meta: Will Peru be one of the first countries in Latin America to access the company’s metaverse?

The vice president of metaverse in Goal, Vishal Shah spoke with journalists from Latin America about the advancement of this technology and the announcements made during Meta Connect 2022. El Comercio participated in this round table promoted by the company itself.

Shah assured that there is not yet an exact date for the metaverse as we think it will be available to the public. Since the announcement made by Mark Zuckerberg to promote this technology, it was noted that it was projected for several years later, so it is still under development.

93% of Peruvians, according to an Ipsos survey for the World Economic Forumfeel familiar with virtual reality. In addition, Peru has been taken into account to test functions or tools of Meta applications, as the most recent case of WhatsApp communities. Will our country be one of the first in the region to access the company’s metaverse?

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Will Peru be one of the first countries in Latin America to access the metaverse?

Shah indicates to Trade that although we are already using the metaverse without the need for the viewers, they are still evaluating which countries they would first take the final vision of this technology to. “I think what we’re really trying to do is bring these technologies to all parts of the world as fast as possible. Some will be software first, like Horizon or avatars, and some will be our hardware. I can’t comment specifically on which countries we will bring to which first or in what order, as we are constantly evaluating that.”, he assures.

However, he states that they are working on bringing this technology everywhere as quickly as possible. “PBut I will say that our goal is to get this out as fast as we can, especially on the software side.. So you’ll see things like Horizon World and avatars expand even faster to as many markets as we can. And then of course it will be followed by our hardware. This technology is about bringing people closer, and to do that, we need more people to have access. and that’s exactly what we work for“, Add.

For this reason, they have promoted the software as it generates quick and direct access to a part of the metaverse. “We believe that many of the experiences of people in the metaverse can occur even without the viewers. That’s why we’ve invested in Horizon, in avatars, to bring those technologies or those experiences to people on any device.. Whether it’s on a cell phone or a computer, or the things they already have access to today. If you think about social platforms, you want a platform that is available to as many people as possible. This way you make sure that the people you care about are there. That’s our short term planShah adds.

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Will the new Meta Quest Pro arrive in Latin America and at what price?

The vice president of the metaverse at Meta notes that they are still working to bring these devices to all possible markets. However, as with other devices or technologies, this may take some time. Therefore, the overall bet for the world remains its metaverse software.

In general, the hardware side, I think like any new technology that comes on the market, we see that it starts with a certain price range, because it is new. Then when it’s more sophisticated and such, then we can go to different parts of the market with different prices. I think that will still be the case with new technology, with innovations, it will surely come out with a higher price. But, in many cases, to consumers, they will look cheaper to produce. [y por ende, comprar], and to understand over time. Then, we will definitely continue to improve the hardware to serve more needs, but in the short term, available to everyone, will be our software stack that can be used even without the viewersShah concludes.

Source: Elcomercio

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