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Márama premiered “La culpa” in collaboration with Nacho

The Uruguayan band Márama released their new single “La culpa” with the Venezuelan singer Nacho. After a long time of working remotely, the musicians finally came together to bring this new collaboration to life.

“La culpa” is a cumbia characteristic of the Márama style, but with touches and an urban flow performed by the Venezuelan artist, a song that aims to become the hit of this summer 2023. This single is now available on all digital platforms.

The return of Marama

“Ya no llora” marked the return of the band after the confinement due to the Covid-19 pandemic and became one of the most listened to songs of last summer. “The song worked very well. We are with many shows and it seems to me that it is a bit what any person who is dedicated to music wants”, described the singer Agustín Casanova de Márama.

In all this time that we were absent there was a bit of uncertainty. New styles appeared and the public wondered if it was the same Márama as before, with his classic sound, or closer to reggaeton and trap. We play to go out with our format. we are not wrong”, added Pablo Arnoletti, percussionist of the group.

Regarding the origin of “Ya no llora”, the members stated that it was born during the pandemic, in a kind of composition camp. “At first we left it out, but we listened to it so many times that we lost the reference. We showed it to our friends and they replied that it was the right topic. We listened to the inner circle and published it. I think they were right. Now we are going to show you all the topics”, Casanova contributed.

Source: Elcomercio

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