EntertainmentJohn Cleese takes an interest in "cancel culture" in...

John Cleese takes an interest in “cancel culture” in a documentary


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This is a documentary that promises to be interesting. The former Monty Python John Cleese will try to see more clearly in the “cancel culture” by going to meet people who have been ostracized from society for their words and / or behavior as well as those who have campaigned against personalities for their controversial actions. The goal: “to allow the public to have a little clearer ideas on what they agree with, disagree with and what they cannot decide on”.

John Cleese himself was “canceled”, or more exactly an episode of Fawlty Towers which contained “racist slurs” had been removed from the BBC streaming platform before being reinstated with a warning on the comments of the characters. A misunderstanding for the actor and screenwriter. “If you put crazy words in the mouth of someone you want to laugh at, you are not spreading their ideas, you are making fun of that person. (…) If people are too stupid to understand this, what do you want me to tell you? », He replied, as recalled The Guardian.

Better understand

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In fact, going to meet each other should also allow John Cleese to see it also more clearly. “I’m delighted to have the chance to learn more, by filming it, about all aspects of political correctness. There are so many things that I don’t understand, for example: how the impeccable idea of ​​’let’s all be nice to each other’ has become, in some cases, totally absurd, ”he explains in the statement. .

Some time ago, John Cleese distinguished himself for his controversial remarks. He declared in 2017 to have left the United Kingdom to live in the Caribbean, on the island of Nevis, because “London is no longer really an English city”. And while he therefore no longer lives in England, he has supported Brexit because he does not want “to be led by a handful of European bureaucrats who think only of themselves”.

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Entitled John Cleese: Cancel Me, the documentary was commissioned by Channel 4. “We do this because we feel the need to address (the ‘cancel culture’) and he has a very strong opinion on it,” said Danny Horan, one managers of the British channel at Variety.


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