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He wanted to sell fruit, but he dedicated himself to music and took YouTube by storm: Vicky Corbacho confesses in an interview

The Spanish singer-songwriter, born in Huelva, returns to Peru to celebrate the Day of Love and Friendship twice, this February 14 at Casa de la Salsa and at Barranco Bar.

The first time that Vicky Corbacho was presented in our country on February 24, 2017, a date that the artist remembers with special affection because She had a birthday and was surprised by her Peruvian followers. At that time, his song “Qué bonito” sounded strongly on the radio. She led the music rankings along with the overwhelming “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi.

I remember that day with great enthusiasm because it coincided with my name day. I was very shocked to see so many people singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to me with their phone flashlights on, making lights, as if they were stars in the sky. I never thought something like this would happen to me.”comment.

─In the presentation of “One moment in time”, your bachatera version of the famous Whitney Houston song, you refer to dreams, to the fact that they come true as long as you fight for them. Do you have any pending?

Some time ago, I heard David Bisbal say that when you fulfill a dream, many more appear later. That happens to me. At least in that sense, one has to be ambitious. When I have something in mind I try to work hard, with discipline and love to achieve it, but I can’t tell you about my pending dreams because later they don’t come true (Laughter).

─Your voice began to be heard everywhere since 2016, the year in which you released “Qué bonito”, but your musical history begins from a very young age, in your native Huelva, in Spain. How was that start?

I have many memories of that stage because, in addition to singing, it was the one that introduced the members of the group and all the sponsors. I shared music with my studies, as I was a good student, I got along pretty well, I never had any problems at school. And the support of my parents was fundamental, it was key for everything that came after it to work.

─Did you always know you wanted to be an artist?


─Through your songs you have managed to enter the lives of many people…

Totally true, although I must admit that the artist’s life is very lonely. When you are on stage, you are surrounded by a lot of people: musicians, dancers and the audience that is going to see you; but afterwards, when you are in the hotel, there are moments of great solitude. That part is tricky.

─ Is it difficult for you to accept it?

Counter with all that massive support people give you when you’re on stage. It’s hard for me to assume it because of my personality: I like to talk, interact with others. meet, go out When I go to Peru, I escape disguised. I put on a cap and some glasses and leave the hotel. The first time I met Gamarra, I visited stores, I had an incredible time.

─How was the experience of recording “Te he mentido” by Pelo D’Ambrosio in bachata version?

I am always guided a lot by talent, without looking at nationality. when i met Pelo D’Ambrosio I started listening to his music, and I loved “I have lied to you”. That’s why I recorded it. It’s a great song and he’s a wonderful person.

─How did Rosángela Espinosa and Lucas Piro participate in the video clip for “Bajo el cielo de París”?

I made the proposal because I felt in my heart that in some way I should repay the support they gave to “Qué bonito”, in its beginnings, and because I believe in the talent they have. In addition, the Peruvian public wanted to see them together in a video clip of mine, and what better than in “Bajo el cielo en París”, a song that has a love story that is somehow related to them, because you never know if they are a couple sentimental or just friends, or what will happen in the end. One part was recorded in Paris, with the European team, and another in Argentina, with the Latin American team. They recorded only in Argentina.

─When does the new album come out?

We are putting the finishing touches on it, so we hope to release it in February, when it is in Lima. I am living a very positive moment, thanks to the pandemic I learned not to get discouraged, that things have their cycle and that does not mean that you have to stop fighting. If you really want something, go after it until you get it. Since singing and dancing make me happy, I continue to train, writing for other artists and for myself, I continue to grow, I don’t stagnate.

─In this album, you are clearly betting on fusions, “Marioneta”, for example, has Mexican musical and cultural influences.

That’s right, and it was incredible, we had mariachis and we put several different elements; but always keeping the roots of bachata. During my presentations in Lima I will take the opportunity to interpret some songs and officially present the video for “Bajo el cielo de París” and my new single in English “One moment in time”.

─Romeo Santos will also sing in Lima in February. He achieved four ‘sold out’ at the National Stadium. Why do you think he is so successful?

Incredible! This shows that bachata is current and well established among its audience. Romeo, besides being a great singer, has been dedicating himself to the genre for many years. I love what he does, his songs that talk about love, heartbreak, disappointment…, they work very well. He knows how to connect with people.

music hit

─What beauty marked a before and after in your career?

Definitely. It was the first bachata I released and the one that has been and continues to be the most successful. It currently has more than 72 million views.

─It has become an insurmountable wall. Do you see it like that?

I see it more as a springboard that I use for people to get to know me, to reach a larger audience, to continue making music, creating. It is a song that continues to exceed all expectations, which has given me great satisfaction and I hope it will help me achieve one of my greatest goals.

─What is it?

Since the first time I went to see a concert by Juan Luis Guerra, in Seville, with such a big, impressive band, with all the musicians live, I’ve always wanted to do something like that. I would love to be able to have the recognition that he has and put on a show of that caliber. I would love to share the stage with him or with Gloria Estefan. If that happens, I can die peacefully.

Source: Elcomercio

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