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Avai’s doctor: “Guerrero can’t play 90 minutes and that’s because of his age. In Brazil we did not know how to use it well”

Total Sport asked racing club if everything had gone well and how the process continues. “I calculate that today it ends. I don’t have any information about the presentation yet.”a Racing worker answered us concisely.

Paolo’s last past -ten games in Avaí in Brazil, zero goals- but also his physical condition, one of the great doubts of Argentine journalism on Tuesday, after the medical tests, is the great issue to be resolved by the historic captain from Peru. “The position is earned in training”Guerrero had declared. Given this, El Comercio contacted the doctor Luis Fernando Funchal, from Avaí, the last club, cleared up questions about the health and physical state of Paolo Guerrero.

he told El Comercio exclusively at first.

Finally, we ask you if you think that Paolo Guerrero He is fit to play a 90-minute game to which he told us the following. “No, Guerrero can’t play 90 minutes and that’s because of his age. I think he is a player for a maximum of 60 minutes well played. In Brazil we did not know how to use it correctly”sentenced.

In this way, the doctor of Avai cleared up all questions and with this makes it clear that racing You should not worry about any injury that afflicts Paolo Guerrerosince the Peruvian striker is in optimal conditions.

Paolo Guerrero in Avaí played 10 games and did not score any goals and even before signing for Avai In July 2022, Guerrero played 51 games for the Brasileirao in total with Internacional, scoring 20 goals and assisting twice. A man who, tuned up, is a killer.


“I’m fine physically. My last game was in October, I have to get ready and start playing. The only thing I talked to Fernando about was football.”he commented. In this context, he left a message for the fans: “I promise you all my effort and my sacrifice. The games that I have seen are very passionate and they are always played in a full stadium. It is a team that is going to ask you a lot”narrowed.

Finally, Guerrero pointed out the reason for coming to Argentina. “It motivated me to come to play the Copa Libertadores. It was what I was looking for, a team that plays the Libertadores”sentenced the fourth reinforcement of Racing in the current transfer market.

Source: Elcomercio

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