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A retreat to fall in love: Get to know the Spanish film where Andrea Luna and more Peruvian actors participate

‘A retreat to fall in love’ is a film that will soon be released in theaters, to make everyone sigh in the month of love. This film is a Peruvian-Spanish co-production that tells the story of Lucía and Marco, two young people with very little luck in love who arrive at the Esperanto retreat where their lives will take a 180° turn.

The film has already released its official trailer and shows various national actors, who share roles with some Spanish artists. They are the ones who will be present in this film that promises to give critics and romance fans something to talk about.


Andrea Luna

She is the protagonist of the film and plays Lucia. Andrea Luna has already participated in various productions such as soap operas, movies and series. She makes us happy that she is making her way through the international market.

Merly Morello

At just 18 years old, the young actress has been hogging the international spotlight. Merly Morello became popularly known for her role as ‘Lily’ in the soap opera ‘De vuelta al barrio’ on ‘América TV’, the same one that opened doors for her in other projects. Also, thanks to her popularity in her networks, she works as an influencer with some skincare, clothing and more brands.

January 10, 2023 Merly Morello Parada is a Peruvian actress, dancer, and internet celebrity, recognized mainly for her starring role as Liliana

Gian Piero Diaz

The television host has a special participation in this film. Gian Piero Díaz continues on national television at the head of the game show ‘Your best purchase’, he has also done movies, theater and hosted the two most important reality shows in Peru such as ‘Esto es Guerra’ and ‘Combate’.

Gian Piero Diaz shared a photo from when he was a child on Twitter.  (Photo: Capture Twitter)

Ernesto Pimentel

The television host, popular for his iconic character ‘La Chola Chabuca’, has also covered various roles on the small and big screen. Currently, she is strongly re-releasing her music and will soon be releasing her autobiographical film.

Monica Torres

The actress gained great popularity in the successful series ‘Mil Oficios’ where she played Norma Reyes, continued in the series ‘Así es la vida’ and thus went through more successful productions such as ‘Theater from the theater’, the much-loved ‘Al Fondo There is Site’ and more.


Source: Elcomercio

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