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Yahaira Plasencia is confused with another artist after being nominated for ‘Lo Nuestro Awards’

It happens to everyone. salsa singer, Yahaira Plasenciais living a great stage in her artistic career after being nominated for the ‘Lo Nuestro Awards‘ of this year. The also dancer managed to be one of the candidates to win the contest with her theme “La Cantante”, in the category “Tropical Song of the Year”. However, her announcement on the official page of the ceremony that rewards the best Latin singers did not go unnoticed after being confused with a popular Mexican artist.

The self-styled ‘Patroness’ once again managed to be nominated for this international event. For this reason, the official page of ‘Premios Lo Nuestro’ shared his nomination on their social networks, but they made a mistake by tagging another artist called ‘Yahritza and her Essence’. This mistake drew attention and caused a great uproar among the singer’s followers, who made fun of the sauce boat and some even attacked the event.

Faced with this ‘lapse’, which to date has not been corrected on social networks, users did not hesitate to comment and consider that the internationalization of the sauce boat would not be very popular. “They don’t even know Yaha, they have labeled another person”, “It’s Yahaira Plasencia”, “Premio lo Nuestro you have made a mistake, the name is Yahaira Plasencia, not what it says there”, were some messages about what happened. In the same way, her followers came out to support her and ask that the tremendous error be corrected.

On the other hand, it is important to mention that the Peruvian singer could not avoid showing off her nomination, like any other artist. Through her Instagram account, she thanked the producer Sergio George for the success with his song ‘La Cantante’. “I have news for you, I am very excited. Thanks to Sergio George for this song. To my ‘Yahalovers’. I’m really happy and excited.”He expressed with a smile from ear to ear.


“Very good that it has been nominated”was the first thing Gigi Miter said, and then Rodrigo González responded emphatically to those who questioned his appointment: “If you don’t like it, don’t vote.” This is how they showed their support for the “Patron” and shut the mouths of people who do nothing but throw bad vibes at the singer.

Source: Elcomercio

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