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Jaze, two-time freestyle champion, signed a contract with Sony Music Peru

JAZE, the renowned freestyle champion as well as a Peruvian musician and artist, has just signed a contract with Sony Music Peru, thus becoming the first national artist to sign a post-pandemic contract with the renowned transnational music company.

With the contract signed at the Sony Music Andes headquarters in Bogotá, Colombia, JAZE begins a new stage of his career, the same one that has as its first action the launch “I’M LOKAZO” during the month of February 2023, production of which will give more details as the exact launch date approaches.

With a recognized career in the world of freestyle and music in general, JAZE has been developing a successful career as an independent artist, during which time he has developed his own style and personality within the music he makes. A trajectory to which Sony Music Peru now joins to develop together with the artist his path within music.

With more than half a million monthly listeners on Spotify, an album (“Personality 7”) and several trending singles, such as “I don’t lie to mom” and “The consequences”, JAZE begins a new stage in his career under the Sony Music Peru label, the same one that he seeks to consolidate inside and outside of Peru.

Who is Jaze, the first freestyler to sign a contract with a record label?

Juan Carlos Iwasaki La Puentebetter known as JAZE, is a 23-year-old Peruvian artist who became known as freestyler winning national and international competitions.

At the same time, in 2019 he began his career as a soloist, beginning to release singles until 2021, the year in which he released “Personality 7”, his first album, made up of songs composed since adolescence. After that, she released songs like “Don’t lie to mom” and “Las Consecuencias”, which were positioned among the trends on YouTube.

Currently, he is finishing his second album entitled “TOY LOKAZO”, which shows his rap side presented in different ways, combining genres and showing off his versatility.

CHAZE represents authenticity; he seeks to show himself real as he is in his music, creatively squeezing all his resources and what he has learned from his musical and personal influences.

Source: Elcomercio

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