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Meta starting to recover thanks to AI-driven improvements

Goal (parent company of Facebook and Instagram) is beginning to recover from the hard year it has had in 2022 thanks to the popularity that short-form videos (Reels) are gaining in its networks, with the improvement of its algorithm through tools of artificial intelligence.

Facebook and Instagram users are interacting with short-form videos, ad targeting is improving, and the company’s social networks are on their way to recovering from the big hit they took with privacy changes imposed by Apple, according to this report. Friday The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), who had access to internal documents and exclusive interviews.

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Our internal data indicates that Meta has grown to become a significant part of short form video.”, indicated Tom Alison, head of Facebook, to the tabloid.

Meanwhile, it seems that fear of its rival TikTok, a platform for short videos only that has achieved great popularity in recent years, is diminishing.

Heavy investment in artificial intelligence tools has allowed Meta to improve its ad positioning systems to make better predictions based on less user data.

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Last October, David Wehner, then chief financial officer and now chief strategy officer, said publicly that “virtually all” of the additional $4 billion to $5 billion the company planned to spend on data centers in 2023 would go toward artificial intelligence.

In addition, executives told employees in October, according to the WSJ, that Meta expected to start to recover from Apple’s change — which restricted Meta’s ability to collect information about what its users are doing outside of its platforms — in its last quarter. , which ended on December 31.

The company will report fourth quarter results next Wednesday.

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Artificial intelligence tools have also helped drive Reels based on their user interests, regardless of whether or not the user is a “friend” of the video creator.

Source: Elcomercio

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