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“Across the sea”: Netflix reveals the first trailer for the sequel to “Through my window”

The new movie of NetflixAcross the sea”, the sequel to “Through my window”, will arrive on the streaming platform on Friday, June 23. He premiere it also means the return of actors Clara Galle and Julio Peña in their roles as Raquel Mendoza and Ares Hidalgo, respectively. This Monday, in addition, they released the new advance where the first glimpse of the upcoming additions can be seen.

In the nearly minute-long clip, the starring couple of “Across the Sea” can be seen enjoying the sun by a pool. In the same place, Apolo Hidalgo (Hugo Arbués) is seen together with Daniela (Natalia Azahara); as well as Artemis Hidalgo (Eric Masip) and Claudia (Emilia Lazo).

But, someone comes knocking on the door. That moment reveals the new characters played by Andrea Chaparro, Iván Lapadula and Carla Tous, who -according to Netflix in a statement- will have “a relevant role in the turns of the relationship between young lovers”.

The tape “Through the sea” is based on the Wattpad saga written by the Venezuelan author Ariana Godoy. This sequel will be directed by Marçal Forés under the script by Eduard Solà; while the filming of was carried out entirely in Catalonia (Spain).

What is “Across the Sea” about?

The story of “Through the Sea” will follow the new adventures of Ares Hidalgo, Raquel Mendoza and their entourage during their vacations in the idyllic landscapes of the Costa Brava (Spain).

“Ares has gone to study in Stockholm, and he and Raquel are having a long-distance relationship, which is more challenging than they had imagined. When summer arrives and they meet again, the period of separation and the new people they have met in that time will make what they thought safe begin to falter.cites the synopsis shared by Netflix.


Source: Elcomercio

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