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Iron Bat or DarkLoki? This is what Marvel and DC characters would look like if they merged, according to an AI | VIDEO

The AI ​​Showcase YouTube channel has shown how Midjourney imagines the characters of Marvel and DC if they were merged. The artificial intelligence has revealed a total of 16 mixes, with various appearances, which have surprised more than one.

Although the AI ​​has given some results of what these fusions between the characters of both companies would look like, there is already a precedent in the very pages of these stories. Amalgam Comics was a collaborative publication between Marvel and DC, in which superheroes and supervillains were merged, in 1996..

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Although it did not last long, since the publishing house closed the following year, there were characters like Super-Soldier (Captain America and Superman), The Dark Claw (Batman and Wolverine) or Doctor Strangefate (Doctor Strange and Doctor Fate). Currently, these characters do not appear in any narrative line and are practically cult.

The Dark Claw, the fusion between Batman and Wolverine from Amalgam Comics. | (Photo: Amalgam Comics)

In the case of artificial intelligence, this one has mixed 32 characters that don’t necessarily look or represent the same thing. For example, instead of conflating Namor with Aquaman, both of which are aquatic characters with a very similar role, Midjourney conflated Aquaman with Captain America.

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The same goes for supervillains. Instead of mixing the Joker with the Green Goblin (Green Goblin), he mixed the Gotham clown with Deadpool, giving an impressive result.. But that’s not all, as it has also merged characters with similar colors. The most outstanding case is that of Deathstroke with Wolverine, with which one of the most surprising results was generated.

Other cases are also those that do not resemble each other at all, neither in color, abilities or background, but that have generated a magnificent result. For example, the mixture between King Shark and Thanos or that of Flash and Hulk. The characters do not have any similarity in the comics, but their mixtures gave spectacular images

This is how the fusions of Marvel and DC characters are, according to Midjourney:

Source: Elcomercio

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