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“Love what you do” by Wendy Ramos arrives in Trujillo

“Amar lo que haces” is a new 70-minute format and is aimed at an audience aged 16 and over who seeks to do something new and better for themselves and for others. In this presentation, as proposed by Ramos, we are going to meet face to face with a Wendy without any screen in between, as if you were in your living room. She will tell us why loving what we do can change our days and our lives.

“It is important not only for the well-being it brings to your life but also because it is very difficult to compete with someone who loves their job. It shows in those small details that make all the difference”says Wendy Ramos.

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In this live testimonial stage conference, we will talk about routine, fears, the doors of creativity, the ways to overcome the obstacles that prevent you from achieving what you want. In this performance, Wendy Ramos will ask revealing questions so that the viewer knows if she is on the right track.

Wendy has just broken sales records for her latest book “My party is mine” and has been chosen as the best-selling book in Peru in 2022.

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“Love what you do” will be presented for the only time on Saturday March 18 at 8:00 pm at the Víctor Raúl Lozano Ibánez theater. Tickets are on sale on the platform. joinnus.


Source: Elcomercio

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