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WhatsApp: how to search for conversations by date on an iPhone

In the conversations of WhatsApp Many topics can be addressed. The messaging service works as a channel for messages of all kinds and is sometimes used to transfer valuable information or data that can be of use to us in the future.

For this second case, there is the possibility of highlighting such a message and having it easily accessible when we select “Featured Posts”. But in the case of not doing this step, you can resort to another very simple one if you have an iPhone.

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And on Android?

The thing is not so advanced for this type of operating system. The search can be done through the start of the app, where it will show all the chats, or through the private conversation with the person or group where the data you want to recover is hosted.

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If it is done from startone has to press the magnifying glass at the top right and search for the data or keyword you want to access. The results will be thrown in the section below, with a very general list of the times that such information or data was mentioned in the conversation.

To search for information in a particular chat, you have to go to the three dots in the upper right and select “Look for” in this dropdown menu. In this case, when placing the keyword, it will show how many times that term was used, but the result will not be as sharp as the iPhone system does.

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