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A Comer: 5 things you didn’t know about the famous Peruvian recipe channel

If you are looking for Peruvian recipes, it is most likely that you have come across one or many recipes from A Comer, the Peruvian gastronomic channel that is gaining more and more popularity, so much so that this year the readers of El Comercio chose them as the winners for Best Influencer gastronomy of the Luces Awards 2022.

Alexander Quesquen, Elías Valdez and Alfredo Mora, the content creators behind the channel, visited the Diario’s facilities to collect the trophy and participate in a photo session with the other winners and at Provecho we talked with them to find out some secrets behind their successful videos.

Here are 5 keys that perhaps you did not know.

1. The process before a video

For the boys of A Comer it is important to recognize that Peruvian gastronomy is very broad and each region has a different style of cooking. That is why before uploading a recipe, they follow a few steps without fail. “Study and find out”, they say is the key. “Through books or through friends, talking with our mothers, uncles, etc., watching the videos that have been uploaded before on YouTube. So, it is to look for information, transform it and pass it on to production”, said Elías Valdez.

2. They always care about quality

For Alfredo Mora, the experience of A Comer has taught him to be patient in life in general, because when publishing a video, they always take care of quality. “We must have patience. To record a recipe we have to repeat and repeat and repeat. We do not deliver anything, but there is a lot of work behind it and for that you have to be persistent and have a lot of patience”, said the young content creator.

3. The most difficult recipes

The guys behind A Comer also reveal that there is a recipe that until now has not been published due to its complexity: the panettone recipe. When we ask them which ones have involved them the most difficulty, they also mention puff pastry, which is widely used in bakeries and pastry shops. “We make content that people can do at home. Yes, we can make puff pastry in a professional way, but we must add things that often we cannot find in the market or take time. The same with the panettone, it is a three-day chambón and add many things to it so that the panettone can rise”, said Elías Valdez.

4. The saved panettone recipe

It is for this reason that in A Comer they have had in their archive for two years the video of a recipe for the highly sought after panettone recipe that they hope they can publish this 2023. “The panettone is so complicated that it was recorded two years ago and until now we did not remove it,” said Alfredo Mora.

In A Comer they also highlight that they travel a lot and visit many restaurants to be able to be nourished and to be able to apply more things to their channel and their recipes, so this 2023 they will have many new features.

The panettone is one of the typical desserts of the Christmas festivities.

5. His most viewed recipes

When making a summary of their most successful recipes, the guys from A Comer emphasize that the big star is Peruvian food and especially remember four videos: Cebiche recipe, Leche de tigre, arroz con pollo, ají de gallina and arroz con chancho .

Source: Elcomercio

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