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“Paddington”: the story of the Peruvian origin of the famous character whose new film will tell of his return to the country

Paddington Bear has become a symbol of childhood. And now it has been confirmed that on July 24th he will start filming his third film entitled “Paddington in Peru”. In this new film directed by Dougal Wilson, this beloved character will finally explore his roots in our country.

Despite having its origins in Peru, this bear is most famous in the United Kingdom and even met the late Queen Elizabeth II. Do you want to know more about this character? Here we tell you details about Paddington Bear.

Contrary to what you might imagine, the Paddington Bear character was created by an English writer who had not visited Peru. During the Christmas holiday of the year 1956, the writer Michael Bond observed a teddy bear in the window of a shop located near Paddington train station in London. He fell in love with this and took it to his wife Brenda Mary Johnson. It was precisely this little character that inspired him.

In 1958, Bond -who was then working as a cameraman on the BBC television network- published his first book entitled “A bear called Paddington” (translated into Spanish as “A bear called Paddington”), where the protagonist is the dear animal. This publication was made possible by Barbara Ker Wilson, who read the draft in one sitting and immediately contacted Michael.

“I saw that teddy bear alone, sitting in a shop window, and I took pity on him (…) There is something special about a teddy bear. It seems to you that you can explain your secrets to him and he will not tell them”, he told the British agency Press Association in 2014.

In the story published in 1958, it is narrated that Paddington Bear is sent by his aunt Lucy from Peru to England by mail. One day, the little boy is found by the English Brown family, who entered a store in the train station and saw him among the mail sacks.

(Photo: Warner Bros.)

The members of the Brown family approached to talk to him and, very kindly, the bear told them that he came from “the dark forests of Peru.” The little boy wore a peculiar blue jacket, red rain boots and a hat of the same color. But the most curious thing was the label that he wore around his neck. “Please take care of this bear. Thank you, ”he read himself.

After this meeting, the Browns decide to take him into their home to adopt him as one more member of their family and he is named Paddington after the train station where they found him. Quickly, the bear wins their hearts and goes on with his life making new friends in the English town.

(Photo: Warner Bros.)

To measure the fame that Paddington bear has in England, it should be remembered that, during the celebration of Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee, a funny video starring the monarch and the beloved character was published. In the two and a half minute clip, the bear is seen sitting at a table inside the royal palace.

“Thank you for having me. I hope you have a beautiful jubilee.” Paddington is heard saying as he receives a cup. When Queen Elizabeth II offered him tea, this character went up to the table and drank directly from the jug.

Another of the moments that moved the public was the moment in which the monarch and the funny bear share a jam sandwich. “Would you like a jam sandwich? I always keep one for emergencies,” says Paddington. “Me too, I keep mine here (in my bag),” Elizabeth II replies.

At the end of the video, Paddington Bear wishes you a “happy jubilee, madam, and thanks for everything”.

This Monday, April 3, Deadline revealed that the third film of the famous bear, entitled “Paddington in Peru”, will begin filming on July 24; more than six years after the second installment of the saga.

Likewise, it was known that the plot of this next tape is kept secret; Although, it is known that Paddington will return to his country of origin Peru, where he will face different situations. As for directing, the filmmaker in charge will be Dougal Wilson, who will make his film debut after having an outstanding career directing music videos and commercials. Meanwhile, the script will be in charge of Paul King, Simon Farnaby and Mark Burton.

(Photo: StarFilms)

Finally, and as for the cast, there is nothing confirmed, but actor Ben Whishaw is expected to return to the saga to give voice to Paddington Bear.


Source: Elcomercio

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