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Fuel shortage: Ile de France expects ‘clear improvement’ this week

Île-de-France petrol stations, still hard hit by fuel shortages, should experience a “noticeable improvement” this week despite ongoing strikes against pension reform, the oil companies union (Ufip) assured on Monday. “We started the week poorly, but I think things will improve a lot during this week,” said Olivier Gantois, president of Ufip.

All departments of Île-de-France were among the top ten departments most affected by the deficit on Monday, according to government data analyzed by AFP. Essonne is the most affected department (50.4%), ahead of Val-de-Marne (50%), Indre-et-Loire (48.4%), Hautes-de-Seine (43.4%), Yvelines (39.5%) ). , Seine-Saint-Denis (38.2%) and Paris (38.2%). Shortages that mainly affect super unleaded gasoline.

Across the country last week, “we started with 17% of problem stations (lack of at least one product) across France (15.7% according to data analyzed by AFP) and ended with 9%,” recalls Olivier Gantois. which highlights that the figure of almost 11% seen on Monday (10.3% according to AFP) “confirms an improvement trend” despite the increase due to the lack of deliveries on Saturday afternoon and Sunday.

Half the stations are missing unleaded

“On the other hand, there is one difficult point: Ile-de-France does not use lead,” said Olivier Gantois. According to him, on diesel “there are no more problems than anywhere else, we are at 9, 10% (without gas stations), on the other hand, in unleaded we are between a third and half of the stations, which are not enough. Lead-free.” The situation, he said, stems from concerns about a shortage of kerosene at Paris airports ten days ago, prompting the government to requisition TotalEnergies’ refinery in Normandy.

“It’s called stripping Paul to dress Jean,” he explained. “These products all go through the same pipeline to get to the Île de France”: “when this problem arose at Paris airports, jet fuel shipments went before unleaded shipments,” he added. “We have since returned lead-free oil to the pipeline to replenish warehouses in the Paris region, but at the end of last week it was still tense: I think that this week, when the pumping takes place, the situation in Ile-de-France will improve very noticeably” he concluded.

Source: Le Parisien

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