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Super Bowl 2024: Usher provided the music, but Taylor Swift provided the show

Sport unites people. While in this part of the world soccer leaves millions breathless, in the United States the same thing happens, but with disciplines like basketball, baseball and, of course, American football, where there are also 11 on each team, there is speed and technique involved, but also physical strength, forcefulness in the attacks from one player to another. It is a sport that has entered popular culture, especially when talking about its most important match, the superbowlto the point that television series have episodes dedicated to how the characters react to this game.

But during the match itself there are also elements of drama, and not just because of what happens on the field. The classic element of all the games has been the halftime show, which is a kind of medal to consecrate the career of an artist. 20 years after Janet Jackson’s controversial presentation with Justin Timberlake, the event this time featured Usher as the central singer, who began his show dressed in white and ended with skates, a black and bright blue suit and plastic armor , in reference to the players.

Accompanied by Alicia Keys, HER,, Ludacris and other celebrities, his almost 13 minutes on stage were eye-catching, but not enough to dominate the conversation outside of the game itself. That honor went to the singer Taylor Swift, who arrived in Las Vegas (USA) on her private jet from Tokyo (Japan), where she gave four consecutive concerts. Photos of the singer were shared on social networks, from her arrival at the stadium, followed by images of her where she appears in her private box to watch the game. Another dramatic element comes into play there, since Taylor is a partner of Kansas City Chiefs player Travis Kelce, who incidentally disrespected his coach, attacking him verbally and physically (a topic for the sports page).

By drag, Taylor’s companions caught attention; actress Blake Lively and singer Ice Spice, whose reactions to the game went viral. It is not that Taylor has always been the star off the field, as there are records of boos from the public. It may be that a part of them were fans of the rival team to Kelce’s, the San Francisco 49ers, the other part, on the other hand, could be related to the controversy that surrounds the singer for traveling on her private jet. It was recently learned that she preferred to fly for 13 minutes instead of driving for half an hour, a decision that affects the environment that she defends.

The game ended and Kelce’s team won; The image that remained of the victory was the kiss between the player and the famous singer. And next year, history will repeat itself, surely with other characters.

Announcement Festival

Every year brands invest about 7 million US dollars for every thirty seconds of advertising in the Super Bowl. Of all the commercials, the most talked about has been the trailer for “Deadpool & Wolverine”, the only film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to be released in 2024, which marks the return of Hugh Jackman to the character that made him famous. Another commented announcement, although for different reasons, is that of “Despicable Me 4,” which did not reveal anything that is not already known about the plot. Instead, the video was a not-entirely subtle criticism of the use of artificial intelligence to generate images.

Source: Elcomercio

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