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Viña del Mar 2024: meet all the Peruvians who went to this great musical event

He Viña del Mar International Song Festival, Recognized as the longest-running and most relevant Spanish-speaking competition in the world, it has witnessed countless memorable moments starring artists from various countries. In this internationally renowned setting, Peruvians have left an indelible mark over the years, standing out for their talent and charisma.

This year, in the 59th edition of the festival, Peru is once again present with the outstanding presence of Ruby Palomino and Lita Pezo, who seeks to follow in the footsteps of illustrious compatriots who have conquered the Viña del Mar stage on previous occasions. But, who are these Peruvians who have shone in this prestigious contest?

Viña del Mar opening date was cancelled. (Facebook)

List of Peruvian artists who went to Viña del Mar

In addition to these prominent names, figures such as Anna Carina (introduced in 1998) and Leslie Shaw (presentation in 2011) have left their mark in Viña del Mar, demonstrating that Peruvian talent transcends musical genres and styles. In the current edition of the festival, which promises to be a true music festival, top-level artists such as Miguel Bosé, Luis Fonsi and Jamiroquai join the celebration, turning Viña del Mar into the epicenter of Latin and global music.

Source: Elcomercio

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