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Carlos Galdós: “I am going to take a look at current events from a more mature perspective”

Carlos Galdos He joined the RPP staff. Starting this April 15, we see the experienced communicator assuming the leadership of the magazine “Encendidos”, co-hosted by Sara Abu-Sabbah, Noemí Mamani and Jorge Rodríguez. Together, from Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 1 pm, they will share the three most entertaining hours of Peruvian radio.

The writer, ‘showman’ and father of a family joins the tuned space of the most listened to radio in Peru to put his personal stamp on it, built over 27 years of experience in front of television microphones and cameras.

“I take on the challenge with great enthusiasm. I feel excited about the possibility of speaking to all of Peru. ‘Encendidos’ will be a more colloquial space, in which there will be a lot of interaction with the public,” says Galdós, of his arrival to the multiplatform program, which RPP broadcasts on its radio signals nationwide, on television (Channel 10 of Movistar). and by the Audioplayer APP.

“I am going to take a look at current events from a more mature perspective. I am a radio host who has been growing along with the audiences. I come to this space not only from my professional area, but from what moves me emotionally,” says Carlos. “Communicating, connecting, disseminating makes people better. That has always been my goal, even from entertainment or opinion… The program is going to continue with its anchor spaces, but we are going to give more importance to the voice of the listeners,” he reiterates.

All their ‘expertise’ will be captured in this family-friendly space that addresses current news, health, sports and entertainment with utilitarian topics of various types such as cooking recipes, economy, society, health, food and good music. The humor that Galdós displays in his renowned live comedies and his experience as a speaker in personal growth workshops will also be part of his contribution.

In parallel, Galdós will continue to lead the program “Rock N’Shok” on radio Oxígeno, which he has hosted since January 2019; and, presenting their live shows, both in Lima and in the provinces. Likewise, for this year, he has planned a national tour with which he will visit various cities in the interior, from where he will direct “Encendidos.” “As long as there is an RPP booth, I will host the program from there,” concludes the communicator.

Source: Elcomercio

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