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Don’t know what to cook this week? 7 recipes that will make your life easier

What will I cook today? It is probably one of the questions we ask ourselves most throughout our lives. To help you with your weekly menu, we offer you tasty and easy-to-cook recipes for each day of the week. In addition, we share a drink and dessert option with you. Don’t forget to save the link so you can review it daily.

1. Monday

Pallares with yellow chili

Start the week with a healthy bowl of stews. With this recipe, you will give a different twist to the traditional pallares dish. It is an easy, quick and delicious option to prepare.

Read the recipe for pallares with yellow chili

2. Tuesday

Olive cause

Cause acevichada.

The Lima causa is one of the most popular appetizers and the ceviche is the emblematic dish of Peruvians. Together, you can’t lose! With this recipe you will learn the steps to put both delicious dishes together.

Read the recipe for causa acebichada

3. Wednesday

Chicken curry

Try La Gastronauta's curry chicken recipe.

Add variety to your weekly menu with this tasty chicken curry recipe. It is a simple and quick dish to prepare from Asian cuisine.

Read the chicken curry recipe

4. Thursday

Asparagus soufflé

Asparagus soufflé, a delicious recipe to share with the family

Are you looking for new ways to introduce vegetables to the home menu? This is a good opportunity since it is a rich, simple and fast option.

Read the asparagus soufflé recipe

5. Friday

Olluquito with meat

Learn how to prepare olluquito with meat at home, in just a few steps.

Olluco, a tuber grown in the highlands, is rich in vitamin B. Go ahead and prepare this delicious Creole stew that uses few ingredients for lunch.

Read the recipe for olluquito with meat

6. Saturday

Quinoa croquettes

Quinoa croquettes.

Do you arrive at the weekend without knowing what to cook? Don’t miss this alternative that is ideal to prepare, refrigerate and have ready at any time. We teach you how to make it traditionally or with an air fryer.

Read the recipe for quinoa croquettes

7. Sunday

Pork leg marinade

Enjoy this preparation with a delicious chickpea puree or pallarse, a little rice and salad.

We say goodbye to the week with a traditional and juicy dish that, although at first glance it seems complicated, is actually easy to make. The goal is not to lose the recipes of yesteryear and to be able to pass them on to the little ones.

Read the pork leg marinade recipe

The chosen drink

Pineapple and kion water.

Pineapple and kion water

A refreshing drink. You can prepare it at any time.

Read the recipe for pineapple and kion water

Dessert of the week

Blueberry pancakes

Blueberry pancakes, by Yo Madre Recipes.

Take advantage of the versatility of pancake dough to prepare them with all kinds of fruits: blueberries, raspberries, strawberries or any other you fancy.

Read the recipe for blueberry pancakes

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