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Milena Warthon explores a new musical stage with the song “Más Allá”

Singer Milena Warthona pioneer of Andean pop, is committed to a new musical stage and seeks to close a special chapter of her career with the release of the video clip for her song “Más Allá”, where she shows two facets of her artistic life.

Milena Warthon’s new song comes accompanied by a striking video clip, which presents an audiovisual proposal that evokes a mystical and subtle world. This production was directed by director and animation director Gabriel Bonilla.

As if that were not enough, the production presents Milena in two contrasting facets: Milena 1, dressed in the vibrant colors of the Andean dawn, a red heart beating with promises of happiness and light; and Milena 2, wrapped in the solemnity of the night, with a blue heart that shines with the calm and depth of the skies.

Additionally, the ‘Amaru’, an Inca deity with the wisdom of water and rain, appears as a winged serpent of cosmic splendor and beauty. This celestial guardian symbolizes the connection between heaven and earth, leading the Thousands towards Pachamama, the maternal figure par excellence and soul of fertility and life.

The scene culminates with the ‘Amaru’, transforming into a shower of stars that seals their union, symbolizing that the hearts of the Milenas, and of all of us, are the sum of all the beats of life.

With the video clip for “Más Allá”, Milena presents a testimony of the human spirit, a love letter to the earth and a reminder that there is always something beyond to discover in life. The video clip is available on the artist’s YouTube channel and, since its premiere, it has achieved almost 100 thousand views on the platform.

Source: Elcomercio

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