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Gaza Strip: almost 34,000 dead after 24 hours of heavy bombing in the north and south

The official death toll after more than six months of war in Gaza strip this Thursday reached 33,970 deaths and 76,770 injured, according to data this Thursday from the Gaza Ministry of Health of the Government of Hamas.

“The Israeli occupation committed seven massacres against families in the Gaza Strip, causing 71 deaths and 106 injuries in the last 24 hours”, the Ministry detailed today in a statement, in which it recalled that “numerous victims” remain under the rubble. Conservative numbers estimate there would be around 8,000 bodies.

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Furthermore, according to the Government of Gaza, around thirty bodies were extracted today from two mass graves found in the Al Shifa medical complex, specifically in front of the Emergency Service and the Nephrology Service.

Twelve of the bodies have already been identified, according to a statement which states that the bodies were buried “deeply” and then “garbage was thrown over them”.

Among the corpses were women and elderly people, as well as injured people, and an undetermined number of bodies were handcuffed and undressed, which – according to the Ministry gazati– “indicates that they were executed in cold blood”.

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The Ministry also denounces that “the whereabouts of around a thousand people are still unknown, including citizens, medical personnel and journalists, who were present in the complex when the occupation army invaded”.

He Government of GazaLikewise, he asked the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court to investigate what he called “the massacre by the occupation army in the Al Shifa medical complex”.

In the last 24 hours, around eleven bodies were recovered from various areas of the southern city of Khan Younis, while in the south RafaIsraeli warplanes bombed an Ayyad family home, killing ten people, including 5 children and 3 women, as confirmed to EFE by Palestinian sources.

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On the other hand, bombings continued in the south, southwest and east of Gaza City, in the north, especially in the neighborhoods of Sheikh Ajlin, Tal Al Hawa and Al Zaytun, causing injuries among the civilian population, according to the Palestinian agency. Wafa.

Three other civilians were killed and dozens injured in an Israeli airstrike in the Al Mughraqa area in central Israel. Gaza stripaccording to the same source.

Source: Elcomercio

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