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Martin Mount will present an exhibition of paintings dedicated to Peru at the Julio C. Tello Museum in Paracas

The English geologist and artist Martin Mount learned to paint at the same time as he learned to speak. The son of two British artists, that side was always latent in him although he dedicated a large part of his life to geology as a mining consultant.

Today he has returned to art with his first individual exhibition, which is related to his trips to the mines throughout Peru, where he saw landscapes of exuberant beauty.

Martin is presenting the exhibition “Peru, Magical Nature” at the Paracas Site Museum, which is organized by the curator Cecilia Oré de Benllochpiquerwho has carefully selected thirty oil landscapes.

Works can be seen such as the missing “Cathedral”, a beautiful rock formation in Paracas; also the “Seven Color Mountain”, undoubtedly chosen by Mount with the interest of an artist and geologist.

Within this series, the beaches of the Paracas Reserve made into art stand out, such as La Mina, La Tiza and Playa Roja or traveling further south to discover an exotic stone in the shape of an elephant on Marcona beach.

The artistic exhibition will remain in the “Julio C. Tello” Site Museum from Paracas during three months and will conclude on Wednesday, July 12. The museum has scheduled for Sunday June 2 a workshop with Martin Mount in Paracas, where he He will share his art enriched with life experience as a geologist.

Part of this presentation will also be a symbolic tribute to two English artists: Paul and Jeanne Mount, parents of Martin Mount. For the first time in Peru, a sample of his works will be unveiled.

They were two young people who stopped art due to the Second World War, however at the end of it, their art was strengthened and they had a prolific career that can be seen in the steel monuments in English streets, works by Paul Mount, and in the famous mosaic murals of Jeanne Mount such as her embroidery kept in the Albert and Victoria Museum in London.

This exhibition is sponsored by private companies such as Minera EIRL and Molino El Triunfo and Intipalka. The Julio C. Tello Site Museum in Paracas awaits you.

Source: Elcomercio

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