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Iran denies having been attacked with missiles by Israel and claims to have shot down several drones

Will this Friday denied that there had been a missile attack against the country and assured that air defenses shot down several drones, amid tensions over possible retaliation by Israel to Iran. “So far, no large-scale impacts or explosions caused by any aerial threat have been reported,” state agency IRNA said.

Iranian state television provided similar information and showed images of apparent normality in the city of Isfahan, where they heard sounds of “strong explosions” hours earlier.

WATCH: Israel attacks Iran LIVE: strong explosions are recorded near the city of Isfahan

The Iranian Space Agency also denied a missile attack, contradicting US information that Israel had launched projectiles against Iranian soil.

“There are no reports of missile attacks for now,” said the Iranian Space Agency spokesman. Hossein Dalirianon your X social network account.

The source indicated that The country’s air defenses shot down “three micro drones”.

Hours earlier, Iranian state television reported the sound of “strong explosions” in the central province of Isfahanwhich houses missile production centers and nuclear facilities.

Fars was more specific and pointed to the sound of “three explosions” near the air base in Shekariin the north of Isfahan.

In turn, the state agency IRNA reported that Air defenses have been activated in “several provinces”after being heard “strong explosions” in the center of the country.

Iranian nuclear facilities are “completely safe”indicated the Tasnim agency, linked to the Revolutionary Guardbody responsible for the security of the country’s atomic centers.

Amidst the confusion about what is happening, Aeronautical authorities have suspended flights in at least three cities in the country, among them Tehran and its international airport.

In the United States, a senior official told ABC that Israel launched several missiles at Iran on Friday morning.

This aggression would be in retaliation for the attack with hundreds of missiles and drones last Saturday in Will against Israelwhich in turn was a response to the bomb attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus, in which seven members of the Revolutionary Guard were killed.

Israel declared that it will respond to the Iranian attack, to which Tehran raised the tone of its warnings and, in turn, assured that it will take measures against possible Israeli retaliation.

Iran warned yesterday that it could review its “nuclear doctrine” -which until now dictated an exclusively civilian use of this energy- if Israel threatens to attack its atomic centers.

Source: Elcomercio

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