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Luis Arce guarantees that a “neighboring country” wants to control Bolivia’s lithium and resources

The President of Bolivia, Luis Arceassured this Thursday that a “neighbouring country“seeks to control the resources of the Andean country, including the lithium. He also informed that this neighbor, whose name he did not reveal, wants to exclude Bolivia in “strategic communication processes” and display it as a “failed state”.

It is our duty, as Bolivians, to defend our natural resources and our sovereignty. We must be prepared to face any threat that puts our future at risk.“, commented the president during the anniversary of the Military College of the Army “Gualberto Villarroel” in Peace.

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The Bolivian Government claims to have some of the largest lithium reserves in the world, estimated at around 21 million tons contained in large salt pans, such as Uyuni In the region of Potosí.

Arce indicated that the country “It is located in a strategic geopolitical position, in the heart of South Americaand has strategic natural resources such as lithiumrare earths and fresh water, which are essential resources for the technological and economic development of the world”.

Likewise, the president stressed that the “the efforts of the powers to control Bolivian lithium are increasingly evident”, and that is why there are attempts to destabilize your Government with disinformation campaigns and economic pressure.

In 2023, Bolivia signed agreements to apply direct lithium extraction (EDL) technology with Chinese companies CATL BRUNP & MOC (CBC) and Citic Guoanand the Russian Uranium A Group.

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Furthermore, he signed another with the Indian company Altimin develop technology for manufacturing lithium ion batteries.

At the end of last year, it inaugurated an industrial complex to produce 15 thousand tons of lithium per year with an evaporation pool system, which is part of a plan that aims to reach 100 thousand tons between 2025 and 2026, when the projects are operating in its entirety.

Source: Elcomercio

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