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Son of Pedro Suárez-Vértiz launches himself as a singer with an original song: “The last thing I would look for is to compete with my dad”

What he didn’t mention, Pedro, that time, was that this great resemblance transcends the physical. At 19 years old, Tomás has decided to follow the artistic legacy of the eternal Peruvian rock icon. This step represents the beginning of a new chapter in the life of the young musician; the most honest and liberating, he claims.

The discovery was recent, but the passion for music always existed in me. I decided to do it to impress my father in heaven and show him what I am capable of. I want to be the best version of myself both as an artist and as a person, and sing my own music while still paying tribute to it,” he says.

Tomás will release his first single, the fortnight of May. The song is called “You Remind Me of Someone.” “I composed it with Pierre Aguilar, my representative, who is a boss. I am sure that he will leave a mark on my life. It’s not rock, it’s more pop, adapted to current trends. I’m looking forward to everyone hearing it. It’s very special. Is a good product”, he assures.

And their first official performance is scheduled for June 1, at the Exhibition Park. Raúl Romero, the Amen group and Mauricio Mesones will also participate in this event. Tickets will be on sale starting April 22 at Teleticket.

This is the beginning of my passion, of what makes me happy, of my fuel, of what I always dreamed of.”, he comments.

Music, its essence

Tomás grew up immersed in an environment of guitars and songs. From an early age he explored the sounds and melodies of the piano, however his passion for music became evident only in fourth grade, when he joined the school choir.

I will never forget that the first song we practiced in the choir was “Drive my car” by The Beatles. I was there for a year, but the piano was always present in my life. I liked to play with the low keys. Sometimes my dad would join in playing with me.“, he recalls after highlighting that his father He was always aware of how much he and his brothers liked music.

I consider myself a fan of my dad’s music, therefore the songs he played on the piano were mostly his. When he played in the room, I imagine he listened to me, because I received messages on WhatsApp, telling me that it is not C major, but minor. Since it was his music, he corrected me so I could interpret the song correctly. I was always very attentive to that.”, he confesses.

While preparing for what will be his official launch as a musician, the new artist recognizes that the person responsible for the hits “La cama de davueltas” or “Me elevé” is his mentor and avoids stopping to think about comparisons. “In fact these will arrive, but the last thing I would look for is to compete with him. I will always consider him more than me because he taught me all this and thanks to him I am where I am and I will be able to show the public what I am made of and what I am capable of.”, he nods.

I like the Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix, I listen to them a lot and study them. Not to imitate them, I would never act or pretend to be a person I’m not, but to see what kind of music they made and learn from their performance techniques. But above all, my mentor is my father. We are very similar, as a person and physically. The word I heard the most in my life is: ‘You are your dad’s clone,’” she confesses with a big smile.

Tomás has the firm conviction that his father accompanies him every step of his artistic path and that he will be by his side during his debut. “I’m sure he takes care of us from above, as always. I feel it more present than ever. Making music brings me closer to him”.

I have many memories with him, especially the walks in El Olivar, in San Isidro. He grew up there. Sometimes I dream that those moments are repeated, walking, strolling, taking olives from the trees, feeding the birds and fish that are in the lagoon.”, he says with emotion.

Parallel to music, Suárez-Vértiz Martínez studies Communication Sciences, and more than filling stadiums, what he pursues with his singing is to generate smiles. “Seeing people smile and happy, which is what my dad achieved, is my main goal.”, he emphasizes. We trust that she will succeed.

Source: Elcomercio

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