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BTS: The time Jungkook saved host Kim Sung-joo’s life

South Korean k-pop band BTS It has always been recognized for its great performance in the artistic field. Its 7 members have managed to conquer thousands of fans in the world, this thanks to their talent, their positive attitude and the great personality that each one of them possesses.

Yes OK, Jeon Jung-kook He is the youngest member of the band, his great musical ability and charisma with fans has made him one of the most loved and sought after idols in the world of K-pop. For many ARMY, the ‘maknae’ de Bangtan He has always been an angel, but not everyone knew that he literally saved someone’s life.

It is normal that many fans of BTS consider that the idols saved their lives, for their great message of self-love and teachings; However, who does not forget the time that JK saved him from dying in a terrible accident, it is the South Korean television host Kim Sung-joo, how did this happen?

In an interview, Kim Sung Joo confessed that Jungkook rescued him from a dangerous situation during the DMC Festival of the year 2016.

The incident occurred when Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, Suga, V, RM y Jungkook they were about to present their hit “Fire”At the event hosted by Kim Sung Joo.

Jungkook actually saved my life once. I almost die. “, said the South Korean presenter.

At the beginning of the performance, the members of the group made their appearance individually through elevators that were placed under the stage. Kim Sung Joo did not realize that the elevators had lowered, creating gaps in the stage, and while backing up, he fell directly into the elevator he was in. Jungkook.

“I was walking backwards and I just fell between the steps, but I fell on top of someone. Jungkook was right there “the presenter recalled.

A fall like that would have resulted in very serious injuries, if it weren’t for JK who ended up catching Kim Sung Joo.

The presenter has not forgotten the heroic act of Jungkook and to this day he is very grateful for it. “I thank you every time I see BTS”, he counted.

BTS “FIRE” presentation


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