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Launch of a new “made in France” logo for consumers

Tricolor, it looks like a stylized Phrygian cap. A new “Made in France” logo was launched this Thursday to showcase products born in France to consumers, from the box of ravioli to living room furniture. Launched before the end-of-year purchasing period, during the “Made in France” MIF Expo fair which opened its doors in Paris on Thursday, this new visual identity “aims to bring together a maximum of French products over time” , indicated its author, the France Industrie association which brings together 28 industrial branches and represents the entire industry to the public authorities.

“We support this initiative which is being done on the eve of Black Friday, it is interesting because it is also a call to ask ourselves the question of our consumption, and on the eve of Industry week which will also celebrate both aeronautics subcontractors and producers, for the end consumers that we are, ”said Minister of Industry Agnès Pannier-Runacher.

The logo is downloadable and freely accessible on the France Industrie site for any craftsman, manufacturer, merchant or e-commerce site who wishes to use it, “provided that the products comply with the customs code of the European Union” , said France Industrie.

There are several labels

According to the customs code and the general management of enterprises (DGE), the mention “Made in France” does not necessarily mean that 100% of the manufacturing steps of a product have been carried out in France, but that at least one “ significant part ”has been, and in particular that there has undergone“ a last substantial transformation ”. It can therefore be made from imported raw materials, provided the consumer is not misled.

Bercy also points out that there are several labels – with specifications – guaranteeing the French origin of certain products. In the food industry, geographical indications such as PDO or IGP protect territories and / or local know-how. In textiles, the France Terre Textile label guarantees that at least “75% of the manufacturing steps have been carried out in France”. Finally, the “Guaranteed French Origin” label, awarded to 2,000 ranges of products from some 600 companies, certifies that “at least 50% of the unit cost price of the product is acquired in France”.


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