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“Canción sin nombre” will compete for the Goya award for Best Ibero-American film

Chile, Peru, Mexico and Argentina will compete for the Goya for best Ibero-American film at the 36th edition of the Spanish Film Awards. The nominated films are: “Canción sin nombre”, by Melina León (Peru); “The mountain range of dreams”, by Patricio Guzmán (Chile); “Las siamesas”, by Paula Hernández (Argentina) and “Los lobos”, by Samuel Kishi (Mexico).

The documentary “The mountain range of dreams” is part of a trilogy that Guzmán began with “Nostalgia for light” (2010) and continued with “The mother-of-pearl button” (2015).

With the premise of exploring the mountains, the veteran Chilean director delves into his memories and builds an essay told in various voices together with characters such as the filmmaker Pablo Salas, the writer Jorge Baradit and the singer Javiera Parra.

At the service of historical memory and social denunciation, Melina León portrays blemishes such as indigenous helplessness and machismo in her debut work, “Canción sin nombre”, which narrates the tragedy of Georgina, an Ayacucho woman who falls into the networks of a criminal organization that steals her newborn daughter during the turbulent eighties in Lima.

“Las Siamesas”, presented at the Valladolid International Film Week (Seminci) and based on the homonymous story by Argentine writer Guillermo Saccomano, delves into the link between a mother, played by Rita Cortese, and her daughter, played by Valeria Lois, of parallel lives but converging paths in the common loneliness that grips them and that they do not resolve by being together.

And the Mexican candidate, who was presented at the Berlinale in 2020, is a harsh semi-autobiographical portrait of migration that seeks to bring light and hope and invites to work on empathy. It tells the story of Lucía, a woman who emigrates to the United States with her two children, Max, who is eight, and her little brother, Leo, and who takes on various jobs to stay afloat.

The film obtained in Goya will substitute in the list of winners in this category for “The forgetfulness of we will be”, by Fernando Trueba, who won the award last year for Colombia.

If he won the “Las Siamesas” award, he would be the nineteenth Goya for best Ibero-American film for Argentina, the absolute dominating country in this category. For Chile it would be the fifth Goya, for Mexico the fourth and for Peru, the second.

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