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Av. La Mar: three original options for a gastronomic tour in Miraflores | VIDEO

Better known for its cevicheros ‘points’, La Mar de Miraflores avenue holds tasty proposals among its urban and commercial areas that are not always linked to the marine sector. With Advantage We decided to go in search of 3 gastronomic spaces on this avenue, original and reputable.

Thus we come from Don Nico Steakhouse, Pizzarte and Cantuá de María Panela, three different proposals with a magical coincidence: their exceptional flavor. Get to know them in this note:

Don Nico Steakhouse

From Punta Hermosa to La Mar in Miraflores, Don Nico’s American meats arrived a few years ago on this avenue to bring Lima residents an excellent grill with the Argentine charcoal method. “We work with all the classic cuts of meat that are served in all the steakhouses such as the wide steak, narrow steak, the entrain, the tenderloin, the vacuum and ribs. Basically we are not afraid to put whatever is on the grill as long as it is a good product ”, comments Sebastián González, founder and general manager of the Don Nico group. Among its main dishes are the entraña and the wide steak. “Now we are innovating with marine products such as shells, fish, shellfish, but the restaurant’s strength is always meat.”

We could not resist those lemon shells on the grill, it is an exquisite dish with large fan shells and brought from Pisco prepared with a melted house butter, irresistible and crunchy garlic and lemon chips. As a main course, we tried the wide bone-in steak of approximately 800 grams, medium. Juicy, tasty and with few seasonings that can be accompanied by a garnish such as French fries, fried sweet potatoes, rice with corn, among others. “They are fresh meats, never frozen before. We try to run all of our products through our charcoal grill. Although some of our dishes are not very elaborate, they are in the way we cook them. We don’t overcook things, we make the product stand out on its own and its quality ”, says González.

Large fan shells brought from Pisco prepared with a melted house butter, irresistible and crunchy garlic and lemon chips.  (Photo: Alejandro Infantes / GEC)

And we couldn’t stop trying their celebrated Don Nico salad with bocconcini (small balls of mozzarella cheese), avocado, tomato, pesto and balsamic vinegar reduction. In addition, Don Nico prepares his own sauces such as chimichurri and peppers with such success that they are preparing to position them in shopping centers, says the general manager. The bartender Omar López, creator of his cocktail menu, tells us that the menu is in the process of changes because they will be the artisans of his new cocktails. Another news is that in the first weeks of December Don Nico’s terrace will be inaugurated. Good news for this carnivorous and elegant space in La Mar.

Don Nico salad with bocconcini (small balls of mozzarella cheese), avocado, tomato, pesto and balsamic vinegar reduction.  (Photo: Alejandro Infantes / GEC).


  • Address: Av. La Mar 901, Miraflores
  • Reservations: 999929159
  • Card:
  • Instagram: donnicosteakhouse


Javier Tarazona, general manager and creator of Pizzarte, was born in Chanchamayo and traveled to Buenos Aires to study tourism. It was in this Argentine city where he learned the art of creating a pizza and the dynamics of the pasta business. Pizzarte began operating in Lima in 2019, before the pandemic, as dark kitchen and distribution by delivery. In this way, his model could be easily adapted to the new current dynamics that other Peruvian restaurants had to adopt by force. “We made some changes such as the web, e-commerce and implementing other sales channels due to the pandemic,” says Tarazona, who finds his best allies in online platforms. However, the secret to its success as a pizzeria is really in its own products that carry its trademark.

Javier Tarazona, creator of the dark kitchen Pizzarte, supports his business via e-commerce.  It holds one of the house's best-selling and original pizzas, Pizzarte, made with artisan flour dough, artisan tomato sauce, Cajamarca mozzarella, pizza ham, tomato confit, prosciutto, white onion, basil and oregano.  (Photo: Alejandro Infantes / GEC)

“We are an artisan pizzeria with pizzas made with homemade products. We make our own dough, sauce and toppings, we produce part of our mozzarella in Cajamarca, although we also work with suppliers ”, says the founder of Pizzarte. In addition, obtaining a soft and crispy dough is also thanks to the fact that they are cooked in a refractory stone oven at 450 degrees. It is with this warmth, experimentation and curiosity of the Pizzarte team that the 16 original pizzas of the house were born that will not be found in other pizzerias, added to the 10 classics that occupy their menu.

There are 26 artisan pizzas made in a stone oven.  La Parrillera (pictured) has sauteed chunks of meat, smoked bacon, smoked barbecued chorizo, chicken chorizo, house barbecue sauce and oregano.  (Pizzarte)

It is enough to see, smell and taste their most successful pizzas such as Pizzarte, La Parrillera and Prosciutto Arúgula to confirm that the good comes in the simplest way … and is eaten by hand. In less than 15 minutes, art becomes food and its combination of colors and flavors celebrate all the senses. Tarazona announces that it is getting ready to open to the public next year, for the moment its strength is the e-commerce, delivery and store pickup strategy. Be sure to ask about the amazing looking empanadas and, from next week, the new vegan pizzas.

Another of the most requested is the tasty Prosciutto arugula.  Pizzarte has three presentations in different sizes.  (Pizzarte)


  • Delivery coverage: Miraflores, San Isidro, Barranco, Magdalena, Jesús María, Lince, Surco, Surquillo, San Borja, La Molina, Chorrillos, Ate, Breña, La Perla and Callao.
  • Delivery: 946208885 y
  • Address: Av. La Mar 1172, Miraflores
  • Instagram: pizzarteperu

Cantuá by Maria Panela

It is impossible not to find joy in this corner of Brazil that unites its music and traditional food with Peruvian flavor on La Mar avenue. Bossa nova and the gastronomy of the Brazilian northeast, as well as the delights of Bahia, Rio, São Paulo and many other cities. from Brazil merge in this two-story mansion decorated with images of flora and fauna, and the cantuá (or cantuta), a flower that decorates and gives rise to this international concept.

A feijoada from Cantuá by Maria Panela.  Bruno Soria, administrator, comments that at least 60% of diners are Peruvian, many arrive invited by a Brazilian friend and then return to their families.  (Photo: Alejandro Infantes / GEC)

Its manager, Bruno Soria, explains the menu to us: “We have distinctly Brazilian dishes such as feijoada, moqueca, distinctly Brazilian piqueos such as coxinhas, bolinhos de feijoada, dadinhos de tapioca, beef tail croquettes, and much more.” If this is your first time, a feijoada with black beans and sausages, in addition to farofa, should not be missing on your order list, be it during lunch or for an early dinner. To preserve the Brazilian essence, Soria explains that many of the inputs and condiments come from Brazil, in this way it is guaranteed to maintain the typical flavor and therefore a large part of its customers are from that country.

Bobó rice is made with inputs brought from Brazil.  It is prepared with a fish stock, coconut milk, caviar made with sago (tapioca balls), sautéed seafood, and a beautiful coral dipped in squid ink.  (Photo: Alejandro Infantes / GEC)

Another quite extravagant, creamy and marine-flavored dish is the arroz de bobó that is prepared with a fish background, coconut milk, caviar made with sago (tapioca balls), sauteed seafood, and a beautiful coral dipped in squid ink as well. made of sago. It is reminiscent of Peruvian rice with seafood, risqué, but with a special sweetness, not to be missed. In addition, desserts such as asaí, brigadeiros and quindim, or their drinks are also part of this trip through the sister country. With ice-cold coconut water and a red fruit or passion fruit caipirinha, spending a moment in Cantuá will become a magical moment that must be repeated.

Brazilian desserts are an essential part of the Cantuá de Maria Panela menu.  (Cantuá)

Diners will find the traditional Brazilian music live from Thursday to Sunday: on Thursdays they present bossa nova, Fridays and Sundays Brazilian music, and on Saturday nights it is more pop, with drinks and snacks. At the same time, neighbors and new Peruvian visitors are invited to come to taste a different menu and get out of the routine at lunchtime during the week, because just as each dish of Peruvian gastronomy has a story behind it, Brazilian food it is a source of infinite culture and tradition that is well worth knowing.

This trio of piqueos includes coxinha, feijoada cake and tapioca dadinho.  (Photo: Alejandro Infantes / GEC)


Address: Av. Mariscal La Mar 1035, Miraflores

Delivery: (01) 6954483 / 987293896 y

Instagram: cantuarestaurant

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