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Our planet | Project with NFT seeks to take care of the ecosystem and promote art

How to spread interest in Latin American culture, promote the care of our nature and promote the adoption of new technologies? That question was what led a group of six young people from Peru, Bolivia and Colombia to create Jaguar Coasta space for the sale of digital drawings with an associated format NFT (‘non-fungible tokens’)which guarantees their authenticity as unique works and in turn collaborates with the conservation of our continent.

“This project is born from a group of Latin Americans who have a lot of love for our culture. We saw how in the US NFT, cryptocurrencies and the metaverse were becoming more and more relevant. Knowing that what appears there ends up being repeated in Latin America, we decided it was time for these new trends to arrive in the regioncomment to Trade Mauricio Yáñez, in charge of marketing the project.

The group’s intention was to take a proactive role in adopting these new technologies, but they wanted to do so in a responsible manner. “There are still many people who do not make sense of this NFTbecause they do not work with a value behind the project. We want to generate a positive impact”, adds Yanez. That’s where the concept of conservation comes into play.

Sustainable NFTs

So, the group decided that, through this initiative, the culture of the region can be promoted and preserved. “Not only did we want to show digital art inspired by the culture of this side of the world, but take an active role in preservation. That is why we achieved a partnership with the Black Jaguar Foundation”Yáñez details.

The Black Jaguar Foundation is a non-profit organization that aims to reforest the Amazon rainforest and the Cerrado savannah (Brazil). For this they plant native trees on a large scale, in collaboration with the owners of the local areas.

“As part of this association, we have an agreement in which we donate 20% of all our sales. The interesting thing about this method of raising funds is that we do it with blockchain. In this way, donations are as transparent as possible, because it allows the money to be tracked publicly. So, not only do we say that we donate part of the profits, but we make sure that the money arrives in the best way”details Lucas Carbone, designer and responsible for the artistic part of the project.

But not only that. who buys a NFT de Costa Jaguar earns tokens, called jaguar pesos, which will allow the user to create new NFTs. These tokens are based on the polygon cryptocurrency. “The particular thing is that it is a cryptocurrency with an algorithm that does not need as much energy to be mined and, therefore, generate pollution. Not only being associated with Black Jaguar, but also being based on a low emission cryptocurrency we can say that our NFTs are sustainable”adds Carbone.

This is an example of how the Legendary Jaguars are used within the collections to show part of the culture of the countries of South America.  In this case, he is wearing a traditional habit of the Lord of Miracles.  (Jaguar Coast)

With good feet

The first collection was launched at the beginning of the month and he had 100 legendary jaguars, almost all of which have been sold. The next collection will come out in four months and will consist of 5,000 new Jaguars, but will also offer more benefits for buyers.


A growing community

Benefit. Whoever buys an NFT will get another one for each new collection that is released.

Networking. By acquiring one of these NFTs, you will provide access to a community of regional entrepreneurs, interested in sustainability issues.

Education. Costa Jaguar develops a web platform that allows owners of their NFTs to access classes on art, design, blockchain development, among other related topics.

Gallery. You can check out the first batch of Legendary Jaguar NFTs sold at Open Sea.

Source: Elcomercio

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