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Can the abusive use of our smartphones change our morphology?

Do you have neck pain from being glued to your smartphone? Do you experience eye pain, difficulty in distinguishing distant things? These disorders are often explained by the use of new technologies… However, as Hemrick Verwaerde, physiotherapist and osteopath explains, it is not our smartphones that are bad for us… but rather the positions we adopt while using them!

“The ‘leaning forward’ position is not (that) bad”

“We thought for a long time that it was the fact of being leaned towards your screen that caused pain. But this position is not bad, it is moreover the one that our parents or our grandparents adopted when they read their newspapers, confirms Hemrick Verwaerde. The big difference is that our generation spends a lot more time there than ten, twenty or thirty years ago”.

The thumb would also be affected by our habits: “The fact of scrolling will always lead to the same use of certain tendons at the level of the thumb joint. Since this joint is very superficial and very close to the skin, if inflammation or osteoarthritis should develop, it will happen much more quickly”.

Find out how to alleviate these pains in this video from our partner Raw.

Source: 20minutes

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