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“Thank God you’re with him, so we’re safe.”

That was a woman’s comment under a viral TikTok video of a friend who revealed that her boyfriend doesn’t wash with soap.

The man in question smiles for the camera and tells his girlfriend that he uses “water” – pure water – to clean himself in the shower. No soap, no shower gel.

Cue many shocked reactions and over a million views.

Who knows if he’s joking or if this was a one-off stinky wash, but it still sparked debate over the proper way to shower.

Do most people use soap? And should we be? We’ve asked an expert for comment.


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Dr. Ross Perry, medical director of Cosmedics Dermatology Clinics, says water isn’t enough to get clean.

“Unfortunately, just using water to wash doesn’t remove dirt, bacteria, and germs from our skin,” he explains.

“That’s because water alone can’t lift the invisible oil where the germs, which are often hidden in little folds in the skin, hide.”

“Our hands, faces, and bodies have natural oils, and germs adhere to our oils, meaning water alone cannot remove them.

However, soap loves both water and oil, and that’s because soap molecules are a type of surfactant, meaning one end is water-loving and the other end is oil-loving.

“So when we wash with soap, the molecules act as intermediaries between the water and oil molecules and work together so that when the soap is rinsed off, the germs and bacteria on our skin are removed.”

The debate seems over: you should use soap to clean your skin, not just water, because water can only do so much.

Ross adds: “Because soap is an emulsifier, meaning the water and oil can mix and help remove the dirt, it’s ultimately a great way for most of us to maintain good health every day and fight viruses. and keep germs at bay.”