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Olivier Veran, esthetician: “No matter what I did, there would be criticism”

He had just left the Champs-Élysées Clinic, a renowned Parisian institution specializing in medicine and cosmetic surgery. On this Thursday, March 21st, afternoon, Olivier Veran observed medical practitioners working with patients. “A severe acne scar is treated with radiofrequency, a sagging belly in a new mother is also treated with radiofrequency, subcutaneous fat pockets in a patient who needs to lose a lot of weight are treated with cryolipolysis,” he describes.

Beginning of retraining as a “cosmetologist” for this professional neurologist, drawing the ire of the medical and medical community. “People have the right to have their opinion. But no matter what I did, there would be criticism,” he responded to the newspaper Le Parisien. The former government official received the green light from the High Authority for Political Transparency, which ruled out any ethical risk or illegal interest in his opinion, released this Thursday.

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Source: Le Parisien

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