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Aaron, a newborn with a very rare eye cancer, is in remission.

The story of this newborn from Bouches-du-Rhône, suffering from a very rare cancer, has particularly excited the Internet since September 2023. Today we learned of his remission thanks to the release of a touching video of young Aaron holding a sign that reads, “I’m in remission.” in social networks.

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Frédéric, the father, told La Provence: “The oncologist told us earlier that she would never use the term ‘remission’ with Aaron because it was a rare cancer. But she ended up using the term because the results were good. We couldn’t believe it, we were hallucinating! “After 9 months of merciless struggle, words are not enough to describe the emotions of parents and loved ones who heard this news.

Aaron still has a series of exams to take in June to check everything is going right. After this, the family will be able to return to normal life. “We were even allowed to go on holiday this summer,” Caroline and Frederick exclaim, glad to finally be able to escape from the hospitals.

The journey of a little fighter

On September 6, 2023, Aaron was born with a very rare and aggressive eye cancer. His mother Caroline Atlani and father Frederic Bertrand described the day as “the most beautiful and at the same time the worst day of our lives.” When he was born, Aaron had an abnormally swollen eye and he and his father were transferred to another hospital.

Frederick recalls: “I was treated in the ophthalmology department. We started with two or three doctors, then six, seven. I was taken to a room, then to another room. We examined him, he cried a lot. Then the famous ophthalmologist who had been with us from the beginning arrived and told me the word we don’t want to hear: tumor.

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Post shared by Aaron ✨ (@sweetlike.aaron)

Aaron suffers from childhood orbital sarcoma of the right eye, which developed in utero and behind the eye. A very rare case, there are less than a hundred of them in the world. At three weeks, the newborn is given the first chemotherapy, which turns out to be insufficiently effective. When Aaron was two months old, his right eye was permanently removed. This was followed by nine cycles of chemotherapy and five weeks of radiation therapy. Daily life is filled with hospital visits, treatments, MRIs, scans, blood tests, etc.

At the end of his final chemotherapy session on May 17, the oncologist announced the unexpected: Aaron was in remission. Her mother wrote in an Instagram post: “We were far from imagining that we would one day hear that magic word.” The joy is enormous, the relief even more so.

Source: Le Parisien

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