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War in Ukraine: The Kremlin warns against the use of Western weapons against its territory

The Kremlin condemned calls by elected US officials on Thursday to allow Ukraine to use weapons provided by Washington to strike Russian territory. Kyiv claims that it can launch strikes with Western weapons on rear bases and positions of the Kremlin located on Russian territory, which Europeans and Americans prohibit for fear of provoking an escalation of the conflict.

“In Washington and a number of European capitals, some are zealously trying to provoke and constantly increase the level of escalation. In this regard, their position can be described as irresponsible,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov criticized in an interview on Russian television on this topic. “There are many hotheads among American senators and members of Congress who consider it their duty to add fuel to the fire,” he added.

Zelensky is irritated

Russian diplomatic spokeswoman Maria Zakharova reacted with sarcasm, calling on Ukraine to attack the US embassy in Moscow using American weapons. These Russian officials followed comments from American elected officials who advocated allowing Ukraine to strike Russian territory with American weapons.

“I think we should allow Ukraine to fight the war as it sees fit,” House Speaker Mike Johnson told reporters Wednesday. “They need to be able to fight back. And I think it’s not good policy for us to try to micromanage their efforts,” he continued.

His colleague, Republican Michael McCaul, condemned the “dangerous” restrictions imposed by the Joe Biden administration for Ukraine and doomed it to fight “with its hands tied behind its back.” Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky was outraged by the intransigence of Europeans and Americans, while his country has been suffering from attacks from Russian territory for two years. The Russians “can strike us from their territory, this is the biggest advantage that Russia has, and we cannot do anything with their (weapon) systems located on Russian territory, with Western weapons. We have no right to do this,” he said in an interview with AFP last week.

Source: Le Parisien

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