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First stop: what is served in the new gastronomic market of Barranco?

“Walking through Barranco is encountering poetry and filling the soul with beauty and inspiration”, the well-known Peruvian writer Abraham Valdelomar (1888-1919) once said. This phrase can be read in the center of Primera Parada, the new gastronomic market and cultural space of the district, celebrating precisely the wealth that lives there. Last Saturday the 23rd they officially inaugurated their space, after more than 5 years of having started the project, and Advantage he visited them. We tell you everything about the culinary proposal they offer and what dishes you cannot miss.

Alfonso Martínez-Barona, architect and partner of First stop tells us that the idea initially arose as a real estate investment with his father-in-law, the renowned Peruvian architect Emilio Soyer Nash (1936-2017). Along the way, the novelty of the gastronomic markets emerged and what better way to bet on creating one in Ravine, a highly touristic district that did not have this model. More than five years have passed since the purchase of the first land until the opening.

He, together with three partners, Glenn Dyer, Marbe Bustos and Josep Bonnet opted to include an interesting cultural proposal. They have reading spaces with book presentations, DJ’s, groups and soloists are presented and you can even visit to watch a soccer game. “Primera Parada is more than a food court, it is a combination of food, leisure, entertainment and culture,” says Martínez-Barona.

They currently have eleven gastronomic spaceswhich offers everything from signature cocktails to a look at the best of national cuisine, also betting on international culinary experiences.


national flavor

As it should be, Peruvian food has an important place in this market. Thus, we find The Patarashkite, an emblematic restaurant of Amazonian gastronomy. This time we tried the Amazonian chaufa served with slices of fried plantain and some pork ribs bathed in cocoa honey. A combination between sweet and salty that will conquer the palate of the most demanding diner.


Cevichela It gives a fresh and marine touch with a menu that includes classics such as leche de tigre, tiradito, mussels a la chalaca and a variety of ceviches. We were able to try the parmesan shells and we definitely recommend them, yes, the touch of lemon is inevitable when tasting them.

On the other hand, we find Tokyoa fusion sushi restaurant that offers makis such as the acevichado, the grill, the california roll or the spicy tuna (spicy tuna). Also, you can find other versions like the temakis or the keto roll. Lime Fries It is a space for all lovers of French fries, which are served with different accompaniments and tasty sauces.

Tokyo offers versions of makis, sushi and other delicacies.  (PHOTOS: ALESSANDRO CURRARINO/EL COMERCIO)

If it’s about blunt options, Street Burger has taken the baton with delicious burgers like the Crispy Chicken Burger or the Brooklyn St. but we are left with the Wall Street, which combines Peruvian artisan meat, cheddar cheese, bacon, onion rings, native potatoes and a precise touch of arugula. You can also enjoy snacks such as fries, wings and they have vegan burgers with ingredients such as Beyond Meat or quinoa.

Street Burger offers the best of Peruvian meat burgers, but also vegan options with quinoa or beyond meat burgers.  In the photo, we see Wall Street.  (PHOTOS: ALESSANDRO CURRARINO/EL COMERCIO)

international proposal

Although the strength is in the local flavors, the bet of First stop also extends to international experiences thanks to the presence of restaurants such as partisan, which invites us to enjoy Italian delicacies. Thus, we can find tomato tartare, focaccia, spaghettini and ravioli with various sauces and pizzas. This time we tried the salami, which also has mozzarella and burgos cheese, cherry tomato jam and coriander sprouts. A balanced combination between the sweetness of the jam and the strong and salty flavors of the cheeses and salami. If what you are looking for are appetizers accompanied by good wines, Selected Iberian It offers various boards with charcuterie of all kinds, quality cheeses and accessories such as bread and olive oil.


As no meal is complete without drinks and desserts, they also include an interesting selection of restaurants. Nomads It is an itinerant bar that offers revisited classics such as the cosmopolitan or the cute cholo, but they also have an interesting menu of signature cocktails such as the boozer, with whiskey, averna, grapefruit and ginger ale, or the trotamundos, which has rum, orgeat de peanuts, passion fruit syrup, lemon and ginger ale.

Nómades is an itinerant bar with interesting and delicious signature cocktails.  Here, the Boozer.  (Photo: Courtesy First Stop)

They give the sweet touchLive the Crepe! Y Haagen-Dazs. The first is a restaurant that invites us to enjoy Crepes, waffles Y milshakes with various toppings and sauces. As for any diner to find their perfect combination. And if you’re a fan of ice creamsHaagen Dazs (the well-known ice cream brand) has a cart so you can taste its interesting and succulent flavors.

Vive la Crepe offers waffles, crepes, pancakes and much more.  In the image, we see a hearty waffle served with ice cream, fruit, marshmallows and topped with chocolate sauce, whipped cream and oreo cookies.  A paradise for dessert lovers.  (PHOTOS: ALESSANDRO CURRARINO/EL COMERCIO)


  • First stop It is open from Sunday to Wednesday from noon to 10 pm, while from Thursday to Saturday it is open until 11 pm The space is located at 203 Pedro de Osma Avenue, Barranco. One block from the Municipal Park of Barranco. To learn more about their events and gastronomic proposal visit their profile Instagram
  • The space is connected to 30 apartments that are oriented to tourist income, that is, they are designed so that tourists can rent these spaces for defined times and live in the middle of Barranco.
  • Find the cards from all the spaces here.

Source: Elcomercio

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