OpinionPan Sal Aire, a space to relax and enjoy...

Pan Sal Aire, a space to relax and enjoy a light menu with leading vegetables


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The name of Pan Sal Aire –or read ‘tummy in the air’– was born because they are the ingredients that are used the most in this restaurant barranquino and, at the same time, that playful phonetics allows them to give a fresher image of their concept: “Take out your belly, eat and relax. There’s nothing wrong”. This is how the chef and creator of it, Jerónimo de Aliaga, explains it between laughs. “People sometimes perceive the subject organic or natural and tries to associate it with super light and it is not necessarily so. It goes with that game.”

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The idea is simply to arrive and enjoy with the guarantee of consuming quality ingredients united by the creativity of a meticulous menu, studied and in great detail. You will find breakfast, brunch, sandwiches, tapas and vegetables, main dishes and a wide variety of pizzas, as well as signature cocktails and wines. “We try to make local food with organic ingredients, as much as possible. We are looking for small and artisan suppliers. In addition, we use products of good quality and origin”, details the chef. At Pan Sal Aire they work directly with cheese producers, their flour is wholemeal, the tomatoes are organic and come from Mala, and the vegetables and riches they find in the district’s bio-fairs.

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“The eggs we use are from happy hens,” adds the chef, who explains that for them it is important to bet on the most natural possible and affirms that he fully agrees to bet every day on a sustainable kitchen with less impact on the environment. . “There are not always all the supplies. Just as we have managed to make the menu 100% natural wines, we are aiming for all the products on the menu to be more and more zero kilometer, more organic and sustainable, but always with a light, casual concept. It is not a meal that you have to think about a lot, simply that it is rich and invites you a second bite, without pretensions”.

Lumberjack buns with a 48-hour dough accompanied by a homemade romesco sauce.

The house breads are fermented 24 hours and the pizzas 48 hours, they take a long process. What is the benefit? We asked De Aliaga: “As we don’t speed up processes, then you like it better. When you eat highly processed products, the body absorbs too much and does not work, it only absorbs. The idea is that you come to the restaurant, eat and not leave with a feeling of discomfort.

Jerónimo de Aliaga, chef at Pan Sal Aire, is from Chorrilla and likes the idea of ​​getting to work by bicycle.  His restaurant has been founded for 6 years.

With vegetables as the protagonists, in the new Pan Sal Aire menu you will find dishes such as a huge cauliflower roasted in the middle with a Greek yogurt sauce, fermented carrots, kebab oil seasoned with paprika, cumin, coriander seeds, “it is a well seasoned”, the chef tells us. In addition, the cauliflower has coriander and radish. It is a very attractive and delicious dish due to the number of surprise flavors in each bite. As a welcome you will find some lumberjack buns with a 48-hour dough accompanied by a romesco sauce that we make at home, it is a sauce that has peppers, onion, tomato, almonds, olive oil and garlic. It can be eaten with hot or cold bread without problems.

Organic tomatoes presented in different cookings.

Organic tomatoes in their different cooking methods (candied, dried, seared in a pan) were thus conceived by Jerónimo de Aliaga for an outstanding salad with stracciatella cheese, which is like a creamy mozzarella. It is served colorfully and beautifully presented with a pesto-like green sauce and stracciatella cheese.

The agnolotti, a pastry filled with butternut squash, with burnt butter, walnuts, smoked goat, basil are highly recommended. The butter gives it the precise flavor for a perfect combination.

Agnolotti, a pastry filled with butternut squash, with burnt butter.

Known for their pizzas, at the restaurant you can try a delightful stracciatella pizza with roasted tomato sauce and wild arugula. Among the new pizza options offered for delivery are raw prosciutto, taleggio and pear, funghi and marinara with anchovies pizzas. In the dining room, it also offers a dish with duck matured for 15 days, with peaches cooked at low temperature and pituca mashed potatoes whose combination is incredible on the palate.

Duck matured for 15 days, with peach and pituca potato puree.

Impossible to leave without trying the desserts such as the chocolate cake with homemade flavors, with cocoa sponge and nutella cream with almonds, or the apple tartlet with delicate crunchy caramelized apple slices. Unforgettable.

An unforgettable apple tart.

Now that you know part of the new Pan Sal Aire menu, you can’t help but come to this Barranquilla space that will welcome you in its enormous restored mansion from the first decade of the 20th century and write it down as part of your gastronomic routes.

  • The chef, Jerónimo de Aliaga, came to his devotion to cooking through his mother, Ana María Arrarte, and his grandfather, Eduardo Arrarte, who loved to eat. “From a very young age I had contact with the kitchen. My first internships were on vacation when I was 15 years old at La Gloria Restaurant, I was between studying architecture, but I liked cooking and I dedicated myself to this after school”.
  • Pan Sal Aire has been founded for 6 years and started as a family restaurant, now it has partners.
  • Location: 320 Grau Avenue, Barranco
  • Hours: 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday through Sunday
  • Orders and reservations: https://pansalaire.pe/
  • Get to know his full letter on his Instagram account:

Source: Elcomercio

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