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Creole song day: wines, pisco and craft beers to have a party at the table

Like every October 31, the country will celebrate throughout the day with a good table the Day of the Creole song. The voice and music of Arturo ‘Zambo’ Cavero, Oscar Avilés, Eva Ayllón and many other exponents of this musical genre that has been celebrated since 1944, will flood peñas, restaurants and our homes accompanying the lomo saltado, dry with beans, causes and sighs and the variety of classic dishes and desserts of this date.

For this reason, we ask the experts in wines, pisco and beers to recommend some national brands to pair with our Creole dishes. Take note:

peruvian wines

The sommelier and founder of Peru Vino, Pedro Cuenca, gives us the details and characteristics of three Peruvian wines and three pisco to accompany Creole delicacies and Peruvian desserts:

1. Dry with Beans – Black Roots Cabernet Sauvignon

Black Roots Cabernet Sauvignon It is made with grapes from the district of Nuevo Imperial, Cañete. It is a red wine that is not aged in barrels, rested in a stainless steel tank and subsequently rested in the bottle for more than eight months. Its fruity expression reminds you of black fruits, mainly, and red fruits. It is an excellent pairing with plants that have medium to high intensity and in that profile fits the dry with beans which is the quintessential pairing.

2. Cause of Chicken – Charsago Moscatel of Alexandria

It is white, fresh, aromatic, with notes of jasmine, very expressive, with a freshness that is felt on the palate and combines very well with the pastiness of the potato. In this case, it will combine very well with the causa and will add that note of acidity that is so popular in the causita. Some add lemon but with that wine it will not be necessary because it will add its natural acidity.

3. Olluquito with meat – Creole Black Magollo Labrador

Labrador Creole Black It is extremely interesting due to its versatility. The Creole black of this brand is much friendlier, fresher, it dries you out, but not too much and you can enjoy it drinking it alone or accompanying the olluquito with meat.


1. Lemon pie – Torre de la Gala albilla

On the subject of pairing, pisco likes sweet, therefore it combines very well with desserts. The albilla has a medium intensity, its fruity expression and its softness in the case of this brand when combined with the acid sensation of the lemon and sweet foot is very good. It prevents the pisco from having that impact of alcohol on the palate and makes it much friendlier than it is.

2. Chocoteja with pecan – Campo de Encanto quebranta

The quebranta always likes chocolate and a pairing par excellence is the chocoteja. Campo de Encanto, which is a pisco from Ica, characterized by its softness, good perfume and when combined with the chocoteja we will find how it forms like a liquor cream on the palate.

3. Toro Muerto Negra Criolla – Suspiro a la limeña

Creole black dead bull It has exceptional characteristics compared to the Creole blacks that are produced in other regions. It has an aromatic expression reminiscent of the red apple, a softness that makes it versatile to drink it pure if you want it for cocktails and in the case of combinations with the sweet it goes very well. The level of sweetness in the suspiro a la limeña means that this pisco can be combined with alcohol and, as it is not too perfumed, it does not detract from the prominence of the sigh to the limeña.

craft beers

For the recommendations of national craft beers, José Alberto Castro, Certified Cicerone® and Mediador de Cervezas, tells us which Creole dishes and which Peruvian brands you could try:

  José Alberto Castro, Certified Cicerone® and Beer Mediator

1. Jack Vled’s Porter – Dry

The english porter with its notes of chocolate or the American one with its notes of coffee; but, above all, due to its roasted notes, it complements very well with meat stewed in dark juices, as in the case of dry. To this we must add the herbs and spices that make up the traditional dry recipe and that harmonize very well with a roasted style such as porter. And the tacu tacu well executed it also has its notes of fire and roasting in a pan. That roast blends nicely with the roasted notes of the dark beer.

2. Quadrupel of 7 lives – carapulcra

Carapulcra with Quadrupel de 7 Vidas: notes of dark fruits, chocolate and spices that intertwine in a great way with the condiments of a carapulcra and the meaty flavor of the pork. In addition, the intensity of the beer is the cutting element for the texture and the required fatty character of a strong carapulcra.

3. Wee Heavy by 2 Brothers – naughty

Wee Heavy is an intense and dense beer, but with notes of figs that make it the ideal companion for those picarones bathed in fig honey.

Valley Brewery

On the other hand, the Cusco brewery, Cervecería del Valle, recommends its beer Inti Punku to accompany dishes with grilled meats or a Creole lomo saltado. Inti Puku contains a strong set of aromas and flavors of tropical fruits (pineapple, mango, peach and lemon), 8 hops used throughout the brewing and the final double dry hopping. The flavor begins with a bitter impression and light malt character, ending with a crisp, clean finish.

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